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Aug 31, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s episode with Patrick Siles.  Patrick’s a serial-entrepreneur whose most recent business, vid-alytics, is a video platform that host and streams videos on your website while also collecting powerful analytics for marketers.



[00:00] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:30] Happy Birthday to Melissa!

[01:00] How do you pick your ice cream cone?

[01:43] Tuesday was with serial-ass entrepreneur Patrick Siles.

[02:00] Patrick came to us from Hawk Mikado.

[02:50] The story how Patrick became an entrepreneur.

[03:25] Last Minutes Inc.

[03:40] Patrick started over 7 different companies.

[04:14] Patrick’s first success was in supplements, but now he’s doing vid-alytics.

[05:00] Video is really a big part of marketing

[05:25] vid-alytics came from a need in the market for good analytics.

[06:11] Melissa really likes ice cream.

[06:26] Analytics are skewed for videos right now, but vid-alytics gives you specific video feedback.

[07:12] Why are you doing a 5-minute video if the majority only watch 1 minute?

[07:30] Start with video, and you can reverse engineer that into other content.

[07:50] Video is too complicated, so most people don’t have the time to do it.

[08:10] Today’s Moment of Italian

[08:30] The Creative Hustler was forced into being comfortable in front of the camera.

[09:10] Follow The Creative Hustler on Facebook to find out when we go live.

[09:28] In the digital world, the video is accepted, but business owners are more hesitant to do video.

[10:25] Shoutout to Auguste Crenshaw, Analysis Paralysis with video.

[10:48] If you have a lifestyle type of brand, get out there and go live!

[11:15] Incorporate your life into your live videos.

[12:00] Video is where it is at - how do you utilize analytics on videos?

[12:45] YouTube is saturated with a bunch of people trying to sell something.

[13:00] Melissa uses YouTube for the wings on her eyes.

[13:55] No matter what your #CreativeHustle is, you should be giving people a peek into your life.

[14:30] Patrick was a digital nomad.

[14:55] Bailey Richert and Patrick Siles both hit countries equal to their ages.

[15:35] Working with your spouse is awesome and challenging.

[16:00] Working with your spouse challenging your patience and communication, and sometimes you need space.

[16:40] Normally, Steven has a pot of coffee before 7:30 am.

[17:17] Sometimes it takes you awhile to understand how your spouse works.

[17:55] Sometimes you need to talk it out, and other times you need to focus.

[18:22] Patrick’s wife was working on captions for a Spanish Soap Opera, and Patrick needed help with admin stuff.

[19:00] It’s challenging to work with your spouse because you spend so much time with them.

[19:40] Patrick, do you speak Spanish?

[20:00] Struggle for #CreativeHustlers, all our good friends live far away.

[20:44] We’re all just a URL link away from a video conference.

[21:11] We could talk to Joseph Kennedy or John Bertino at any point.

[21:40] Lina Sanden is making an album with musicians from around the world.

[21:55] We’re able to create without borders.

[22:15] vid-alytics work with embed codes on your website only.

[23:15] Always put the videos on your website, because from SEO perspective you might rank.

[24:00] YouTube can get clients taken away from your brand.

[24:20] Always make sure you have an embed code that people can share on their website, with a link back to your site.

[25:00] I wonder if vid-alytics would get stats on videos installed on multiple pages.

[26:00] Hypothetically it should read analytics from multiple different websites.

[26:26] The most important video is that your page speed is fast enough because 2 minutes of delay can mean millions of dollars lost.

[27:30] Our podcast is hosted on LibSyn which then imports to our website so you don’t have to host the content on your website. This is important.

[28:25] WP Engine is where we moved our website to have more space.

[28:47] If you want to know about Alan’s plug in, tweet us, Facebook us, or email us!

[29:35] The Creative Hustler is about to embark on their journey!

[29:50] vid-alytics have free packages to start off with, light and pro!

[30:25] The Creative Hustler is inviting their listeners to follow along with their 4-month journey to different countries! All the little details will be shared so you can do it too!

[31:23] Many guests on The Creative Hustlers have lived the digital nomad life, and you can too!

[31:55] Check out the show notes for all the videos and links!

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[32:54] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




Aug 30, 2017

What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Patrick Stiles. He’s a series-entrepreneur who’s most recent business, vid-alytics, is a video platform that host and streams videos on your website while also collecting powerful analytics for marketers.



[00:00:33] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:00:35] Today’s guest is Patrick Stiles

[00:00:47] What's Up Patrick. Ready to get hustling?

[00:01:11] Why Patrick is a #CreativeHustler.

[00:01:30] In 2008, He was fires twice in a 6 month period!

[00:02:00] On June 2nd, he created his first business. Since then, he’s circled the globe.

[00:02:42] #CreativeHustler 101: Left a job, and 48 hours later you’ve got a new hustle.

[00:03:30] Naming a company is labor intensive.

[00:03:49] What vid-alytics does for the market!

[00:04:58] Using video tools that SUCKED caused Patrick’s eureka moment.

[00:05:38] If you’re a marketer trying to sell with video, vid-alytics is what you need.

[00:06:22] Is vid-alytics able to get analytics on any platform?

[00:07:00] Patrick is self-taught in websites, so he found a developer to help because YOU can’t do it ALL!

[00:07:52] Patrick hired a friend, lost $12,000 and had to fire him.

[00:08:27] Find people who PLAY at what you’re BAD at!

[00:09:16] You bring in the right people, and things start to work better!

[00:09:39] Patrick doesn’t like working!

[00:09:57] Find the book, Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters!

[00:10:15] There’s visionaries and implementers. You don’t need to be both.

[00:10:45] Patrick was a #digitalnomad who met his wife in Buenos Aires but she’s not from there.

[00:11:50] Patrick’s wife Erica moves to Buenos Aires at 21 alone.

[00:12:12] The Pope is Argentinian, but come from Italian roots.

[00:13:00] Steve’s first language is Italian.

[00:13:44] How Patrick and his wife work together in their business.

[00:14:16] Patrick & his brother started a trash company together, cause he’s the entrepreneur.

[00:14:57] How having your wife as your right-hand-woman effects Patrick’s entrepreneurial journey.

[00:16:00] Erica had a job coding subtitles for Spanish soap operas,and Patrick begged her to work with him.

[00:17:20] On the first week, Erica helped save him thousands of dollars on Bing ads.

[00:18:30] How do you deal with the intense moments when you are working with your partner.

[00:20:18] Patrick would NOT recommend working with your partner.

[00:21:40] When Steven & Melissa got together it was the Brady Bunch of businesses.

[00:22:14] Melissa believes that working with your spouse is ALL about patience, communication & space.

[00:22:50] Steven had to learn how to TURN OFF.

[00:23:45] Patrick & Erica give each other space, even though they spend tons of time together.

[00:24:49] Where does Patrick’s inspiration for being a serial entrepreneur come from?

[00:25:20] Patrick has seen many people who he thought would do great things never make it.

[00:26:50] Ride the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

[00:27:28] The biggest struggling is admitting you don’t know shit.

[00:28:00] A lesson from Good to Great by Jim Collins.

[00:28:19] Find the ugly bugs under the stone that is your business!

[00:28:58] Great quote from Elon Musk about entrepreneurship.

[00:29:25] The entrepreneurship depression is better as a couple.

[00:30:15] Entrepreneurship is slightly make it or break it.

[00:30:35] What’s your bounce back rate?

[00:31:03] How does Patrick get out of the Entrepreneurial dark place?

[00:33:15] Nothing good happens after midnight.

[00:33:50] Are you being busy or actually getting shit done?

[00:34:09] Patrick’s friend Ron recommended Essentialism by Greg McKeown to help avoid overload.

[00:35:03] Focus on the 3 things you NEED to get done FIRST!

[00:35:40] Patrick gave up on balance and moderation in his business.

[00:37:09] Patrick came back from a trip and quit everything but his online business.

[00:37:52] Patrick doesn’t give a SHIT, but he is NOT giving up!

[00:38:45] Patrick saw 30 countries before age 30!

[00:39:28] It’s okay if people are comfortable where they are, it’s just for them.

[00:40:29] Patrick is deeply discontent and it drives him to keep going.

[00:40:55] Patrick suggests “Becoming Steve Jobs” and “Losing my Virginity” as inspirational books.

[00:41:35] People are searching for freedom, and the lifestyle that comes with it.

[00:42:14] Patrick’s most challenging part of being a #CreativeHustler.

[00:44:12] Loneliness is a struggle for #CreativeHustlers.

[00:45:50] If being a millionaire was easy, everyone would do it.

[00:47:00] Patrick was fled from Bangkok flood, unplugged, and got an amazing idea to improve his business.

[00:48:30] If you GIVE UP, you’re guaranteed to lose.

[00:49:20] No matter what happened, the journey was worth it.

[00:50:25] It’s never too early to beef up your eulogy.

[00:51:19] Patrick is most alive when he’s chasing a goal.

[00:52:00] Even with 10 million dollars, Patrick cannot just coast.

[00:52:29] Don’t attract tons of pain and suffering, just adjust where you are.

[00:53:47] Patrick would be a pony.

[00:54:00] Patrick would get a drink with Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

[00:54:30] We can learn about any one of the big players from books and TV, but sometimes it’s a random person at an event that give game changing advice.

[00:55:17] The people who know you best give you the best advice.

[00:55:40] Patrick’s superpower is being an entrepreneur.

[00:56:20] As humans, we want to believe in silver bullets and secrets.

[00:55:49] The secret is that there are NO SECRETS to being an entrepreneur.

[00:57:17] Patrick felt that traveling influenced him as both a human being and entrepreneur.

[00:59:30] Patrick has a tattoo with a black sheep that says, “Crazy people change the world.”

[01:00:13] Traveling let’s you become a different person. No one knows you.

[01:01:00] Where Patrick lives on the internet.

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[01:02:30] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle





Aug 18, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Michael Gebben. Michael hit the reset button after building a wildly successful video company for 7 years. Today, his company Jumpstarters helps creative entrepreneurs get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with top creative hustlers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.


[00:28] What’s up #CreativeHustlers? Time for a recap!

[01:09] Michael Gebben is a volcano.

[01:26] We love energetic as fuck #CreativeHustlers.

[02:23] Michael & The Creative Hustler have a similar ideology.

[03:19] Michael got his start in a mortuary.

[03:45] The Creative Hustler Mortuary… coming soon.

[04:20] The odds of dying in a car crash are SO much more than in an airplane.

[04:57] Back to Gebbs, found a need for video in memorial services.

[05:19] Before his senior year in High School, Michael already had a side hustle.

[05:50] Melissa feels more alive than ever being married.

[06:07] Memorial service videos led to wedding videos.

[06:28] Gebbs have done videos for Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.

[06:51] Gebbs provided “Same-Day Edits” for weddings.

[07:20] Michael created his own jail with too many same day edits.

[07:45] There’s a lot you can DO, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD be doing that.

[08:04] Michael’s fulfillment is all about connecting with people.

[08:30] Sometimes you need your ass kicked to find your way.

[09:02] Alan’s intense 4-day intense SEO course.

[09:40] Alan doesn’t get anything from online courses.

[10:30] The Creative Hustler is obsessed with Zoom! Check it out on our site!

[10:58] The online space is a Shitshow.

[11:40] Melissa’s sister gives her insight as a consumer.

[11:50] Digital overload: Too few options, or too many options.

[12:40] Gebbs’ Zone of Genius: aka, My Way

[13:00] Sometimes it takes a long time to find your Zone.

[13:25] Everyone is trying to discover their Zone of Genius.

[13:35] Even once you find it, you gotta exercise it.

[13:50] Are your core values matching your Day to Day?

[14:05] Michael & Steven dropped the mic at the same time.

[15:14] What was your “Holy Shit” moment?

[15:27] Melissa had her “Holy Shit” moment with her mind, body and soul person.

[16:24] If you’re going through hell, keep going.

[16:50] Someone connected to Melissa to tell her, keep fucking going.

[17:27] If someone doesn’t feel your pain, they won’t understand it.

[17:48] Empathy is always coming up.

[18:15] Gebbs is the ringleader of his community.

[18:32] stands for Massive Imperfect Action.

[19:08] It’s perfect that you’re imperfect.

[19:39] Everyday is a chance to be better.

[19:48] You don’t need to be a creative “all you can eat buffet” to be perfect.

[20:20] You can’t take on everything and do amazing at all of them.

[20:45] You need to take projects that align with YOU.

[21:20] Check out what Gebbs is offering on his site.

[21:50] Smile Challenge with Gebbs!

[22:48] #MIASmile

[23:10] Come visit us & leave a review!

[23:29] Join our Facebook Group!

[24:11] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Aug 15, 2017

What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Michael Gebben who hit the reset button after building a wildly successful video company for 7 years. Today, his company Jumpstarters helps creative entrepreneurs get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with top creative hustlers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.


[00:00] You NEED this branding secret!

[00:59] What’s Up Gebbs. Ready to get hustling?

[02:19] What makes Michael Gebben a #CreativeHustler.

[03:25] Michael decided to make movies for funeral homes, on top of the paper route.

[03:30] Gebbs Total Video came about by filming a wedding as a senior in high school.

[04:35] Michael asked his parents to give him 1 year to prove his business instead of going to college.

[04:50] 300 weddings, and introduced Same-Day Edits to his business early on.

[05:30] $8,000 for a wedding DVD?!?

[05:45] Same-Day Edits changed people’s perspective on their investment.

[06:09] By 2010, Michael was doing too much. Professionally booming, but personal life was a mess.

[06:48] That was the point that Michael decided 20% of his effort made him 80% of his income.

[07:30] Michael’s My Way Decision: Shoot, Edit, Speak, Dress with whatever lights me up.

[08:28] Michael wasn’t making the money to equal the time.

[09:28] Don’t care about getting the job, care about what lights you up.

[09:55] Michael has worked with Richard Branson, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins because of his one decision.

[10:20] Now Michael gets $10,000 or more for a project.

[10:50] Everyone is at different levels, some people won’t talk to you unless your rates are higher.

[11:30] No one teaches you the mental process in high school and college.

[11:59] It’s the wizard, not the wand. Doesn’t matter the tech if you can’t use it.

[12:20] Often it isn’t about the work, but about where your mind is offline.

[12:50] Michael’s sweet spot is offline business, shared online, to create offline work.

[13:16] People need to find out what’s right for THEM!

[13:37] Sometimes people just put on a persona online.

[14:06] #CreativeHustler motto: Our are daily actions and core values in alignment?

[14:50] Your personal brand and your personality make up who you are.

[15:15] The Creative Hustler wants to connect with people on a personal level in all aspects.

[15:38] ALIGNMENT is the word of the month for Michael.

[16:05] 2010 was when Michael put his video into alignment.

[16:30] Michael learned to say NO! His advice and reasoning behind it: Learn to say No, and double your rates.

[17:50] See life through a different lens, and a different filter.

[18:29] Recognize that you need to take action, but also realize what works and what WORKS for YOU!

[18:50] Michael never thought he would be a public speaker and motivator now.

[19:15] You won’t know what you LIKE until you take the action.

[19:40] More about what Michael is currently doing with Jumpstarters after his entrepreneurial burnout.

[20:28] Michael was always thinking of passive revenue streams, but kept being distracted.

[20:38] How Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Work Week fucked up Michael’s life.

[21:30] From 2012 to 2016, Michael let other people guide and influence him instead of doing it himself.

[22:08] Here’s where YOU are, and here’s where you SHOULD be, and the large gap that makes you buy into someone’s project.

[22:39] In 2010, Michael offered people to spend a day with him for $1000.

[23:10] Someone came to Michael and said, I want to get into video, and by the end of the day she was crying.

[23:50] Being shoved into a box by people SUCKS!

[24:10] Low self-worth and self-value will hinder your success.

[24:35] Michael isn’t being hired for video anymore, they are hiring him for his personality.

[25:05] When people interact with Michael, that’s what makes the difference from other video editors.

[25:30] In 2012, Michael got confidence as a videographer, but had to start over as a motivational speaker.

[26:07] Michael walks with his grandpa at the mall.

[26:24] Sometimes people need that KICK - that’s the Jumpstart.

[26:50] If it’s not non-stop balls to the wall, it doesn’t count as a hustle.

[27:10] Michael hosts workshops and private one-on-one days because those are more successful than a month of video calls.

[27:40] Michael’s words are SECOND to his energy, mood, and personality.

[28:20] Michael’s energy is completely natural.

[28:35] Steven’s 2nd agency was Constant Motion Creative Media, because the only constant in the universe is energy.

[28:55] Steven came from a Stand-Up Comedy background.

[29:05] We are all trying to be a one of a kind.

[29:44] Where does all of Michael’s energy come from?

[30:15] Michael is only completely energized when he is actively interested in the topic.

[30:55] Energy can be a blessing and a curse, but Michael looks on the blessings side.

[31:55] Sometimes TALKING doesn’t serve everyone.Sometimes you need to learn to LISTEN.

[33:04] Coaches need coaches. We can’t see in yourself what we see in others.

[33:29] The agencies most important client is the agency.

[33:55] Melissa had a 4th of July Hangover Breakdown (but not from drinking..)

[34:44] It is important to take inventory of yourself, and bring yourself back into alignment.

[35:20] It becomes REAL when you WRITE it down.

[35:45] Again we say, Your daily activities and core values HAVE TO align.

[36:15] The more open you are, the less weight you have on you. It can make a HUGE difference in your business and life.

[26:46] With the internet, people see others succeeding easily, they think their struggles are uncommon.

[37:35] Entrepreneurs tend to self-sabotage when their path becomes easy.

[38:12] Michael has been doing hardcore self analysis and personal development to succeed.

[38:55] What Michael does to get himself out of a FUNK!

[39:50] Things that irritate the SHIT out of you - REMOVE it from your life.

[40:15] Don’t let others have controlling influence on you.

[41:13] We have control over our MINDS and our actions and who we surround ourselves with.

[41:50] People get off on the martyr mindset.

[42:25] The balance between helping and being a know-it-all.

[42:38] You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

[43:33] The biggest challenge for Michael’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[44:25] So many people shut down their businesses, to work in their sweet spot in someone else’s business.

[45:30] Ask yourself: If you did not NEED money, what would you DO?

[46:15] Great story about finding your passion, and changing your mindset.

[47:45] Low Self-Worth can hinder your GROWTH.

[48:40] Michael is still following HIS WAY, and it has proven insanely successful. He highly recommends staying in your ZONE OF GENIUS. It’s effortless, easy, and fun. The “MY WAY” thing.

[49:35] If something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean that you should NEVER do it again.

[49:55] We sometimes see others the way we see ourselves.

[50:23] Don’t go down the Shiny Object rabbit hole.

[51:15] There will always be things that come up, but last year Michael thought that credit cards was the only way to live.

[52:20] Michael had over 100,000 in debt, and his two pieces of advice: Ignore them, or file bankruptcy.

[53:20] Michael has made the money he needed since age 19, but he had so many bills to pay which made life more expensive.

[54:20] You need to solve the problem first - but you need to get to the core before the surface.

[55:35] The issue is always: Where the hell does our MONEY go?

[56:05] Michael’s choice for #CreativeHustler coffee meet-up: Clint Eastwood.

[57:02] Even the celebrities are just human, and have the same struggles but hide it much better.

[57:40] You can fail at what you DON’T want to do, so you should give what you WANT a try.

[58:35] Find the people who can help you find your SWEET SPOT.

[59:05] all these experiences will help you be successful in the future

[59:30] Where to find Michael on the internet.

[01:02:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Aug 10, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Mike Goncalves.Mike’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage exercise in order to push past their limiting beliefs, fears, and self doubt in order to achieve and succeed in both health and entrepreneurship.

[00:00] You NEED this branding secret!
[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers!
[01:12] Steven is surrounded by Massholes, just like Mike.
[02:25] Boston has got an underground entrepreneurship trend.
[03:13] Steven & Melissa met Mike at WeWork’s Pat Flynn meetup.
[03:55] Pat Flynn went from architecture to affiliates.
[04:50] Ocean Beach is the quintessential California town.
[05:30] Mike actually lives in OB as well, but from Boston.
[05:40] This episode is sponsored by wine #ItalianMomentoftheDay
[06:00] Mike was a physical trainer in 2000s, and had to adapt.
[06:40] 10 years into his journey, he realized he was missing a key part.
[07:20] Your physical journey needs to be your mental journey as well.
[08:00] Mike’s new website looks BANGING! From is!
[09:11] Mike is using a 301 redirect.
[09:51] The highest paying entrepreneurs are training their bodies as a priority.
[10:30] Alan just stays fit naturally! With his 5 minute morning routine.
[11:11] #CreativeHustlers are working on the hustle, building the business, and sitting a lot.
[11:40] Mike is lucky to have his career and fitness together.
[12:20] When Steven was cold calling, they had to stand and make the calls. Standing gets you pumped up.
[13:00] Even podcasters stand while doing their shows.
[13:30] Mike’s website is full of videos to engage the visitor.
[14:00] Video on a homepage can really draw potential clients.
[14:25] Fitness is sometimes group setting, or sometimes individually.
[15:02] Mike’s Five to Thrive: Exercise, Food, Hydration, Stretching, Sleep
[15:29] Alan only needs like 5 hours of sleep to keep going.
[16:10] Alan gets a lot of mental things done in the evening, since it’s so quiet.
[17:13] Melissa spends the night decompressing her thoughts.
[17:56] Romantic alone time, quiet city at night.
[18:30] Even when nothing is going on, something is happening.
[18:45] Steven is an early morning thinker, up at 5am.
[19:47] Successful entrepreneurs don’t always follow the same trend.
[21:02] Whatever works for you, works for YOU!
[21:14] Tim Ferris isn’t a morning person either, but you just gotta find your sweet spot.
[22:30] TMI: Steve & Melissa peak at different times.
[23:03] Where to find Mike Goncalves on the internet.
[24:00] We’re on Google Play! Leave us a review!
[24:24] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Aug 8, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Mike Gonclaves. Mike’s on a mission to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage exercise in order to push past their limiting beliefs, fears, and self doubt in order to achieve and succeed in both health and entrepreneurship.

[0:00] The secret to a great brand is right here!

[01:13] What’s Up Mike. Ready to get hustling?

[01:44] Mike became an entrepreneur because his grandfather was one too!

[03:00] Why Mike wanted to be like his grandpa!

[03:30] Mike was a poor student, but always found himself when he was playing outside.

[04:00] How Mike turned his business into focused on being healthy.

[05:13] What exactly is Mike? Physical Trainer? Health Coach?

[06:15] Mike left CA, and transitioned his business to a virtual health coaching business addressing their mindset.

[07:20] Mike is a health and wellness strategist.

[08:35] Mike has been working with people over 10 years now, and has so much more experience.

[09:35] Everyone has the ability to crush it, but that’s suppressed by the way the world is.

[10:50] Barbara Benedict helped Mike realized how he was better than he though.

[11:30] Mike wants to help others the way Barbara helped him.

[12:20] Confidence as an entrepreneur.

[13:00] What makes Wellness Bucket different than your original business?

[13:45] Mike isn’t giving you the plan, until your mind is in the right place. Wellness Bucket addresses the healthy mindset.

[14:30] Adjust your mental blueprint, and everything else will follow.

[15:19] Mike is excited by his new launch, Entrepreneur Fitness Academy

[15:45] Mike’s Entrepreneur Fitness Academy was worth the hospital trip.

[16:20] You gotta pour blood, sweat & tears to launch your business.. Literally.

[16:55] The most challenging part of Mike’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[17:35] Mike struggles to keep the blinders on and keep focused.

[17:55] Society is overstimulated now, so many things are bombarding you.

[19:00] Mike’s tips for staying focused, and being a product of his habits.

[19:25] By being a product of your habits, you set yourself up for being successful.

[20:30] Mike keeps himself in his state. Podcasts while cooking, 10 minute motivation video while eating lunch.

[21:15] How Mike balances his passion with burnout. All in for a few hours, so you can relax with loved ones.

[22:23] The difference of being busy vs. being productive ,and the importance of setting intentions.

[23:30] It feels good to check things off the to-do list, but focus on what you want your outcome to be, and choose those tasks.

[24:25] You need to put yourself into a situation where you are always moving forward.

[25:13] Except the fall, and prepare to get up really fast.

[26:06] Mike focuses a lot of time in Wellness Bucket focusing on getting good habits.

[26:45] Five to Thrive: Exercise, Stretching, Food/Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep

[27:10] What is helps you get your champion mindset?

[27:40] If you don’t have 5 minutes, you don’t have life. Leverage your activity to give you a champion mindset.

[28:37] Get in the car and drive! Baby steps make giant leaps.

[29:13] It’s not the two hour saturday workout, it’s the 10 minutes of burpees and pushups every day.

[29:50] Mike would do all his mistakes again because it brought him to today, but the mistake on spending 20,000 on a business that failed helped him fall in love with entrepreneurship

[30:50] Mike was focused on making a dollar, instead of making a difference.

[32:50] The focus on making a difference first, and making the dollars second is so important.

[34:00] A. Rod did it for the money, but Derek Jeter who did it to make a difference. Their legacies are so different.

[35:10] The ultimate failure is success without fulfillment, but Mike thinks ultimate failure is success without your health.

[37:07] If Mike could grab a glass of wine with any #CreativeHustler, Mike would pick Jim Rohn.

[40:00] Mike loves who he is becoming, and is ready to continue to be the best version he can be.

[41:00] We don’t need to follow the plan of the older generations. We need to follow our own.

[43:35] Once one person broke the 4-minute mile, then many others do it. Once someone does something impossible, others start to consider it.

[44:30] It’s not just possible for others, it’s possible for YOU!

[44:50] Mike, tell everyone how they can get in touch with you and where you live on the internet?

[45:45] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle