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Jul 27, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan & Melissa recap Tuesday’s interview with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] Find out the secret to a rock solid brand!

[00:57] what's up Creative Hustlers!

[01:18] Moment of Truth, creative Hustlers

[01:50] Nicole went from Social Work to Accidental Entrepreneurship.

[02:17] Social Work requires a Masters to to make a good living. 

[03:05] The bachelor's degree is now more like a high school diploma.

[03:45] You can flip burgers for the same income with less debt.


[04:20] Let’s rethink college education because college tuition has gone up 350%

[04:50] You gotta hustle to make your degree worth something.

[05:00] There are 2-3 million college graduates THIS YEAR.

[06:00] There is now an intersection of business and creativity.

[06:20] Now people are kicking ass without a degree.

[06:45] Nicole was a freelance social worker.

[07:15] Steven’s Moment of Italian

[07:35] Nicole took a class on entrepreneurship, and ended up loving affiliates.

[08:13] Nicole became an affiliate of her course, and made 4 figures.

[08:55] She made her monthly income in two weeks.

[09:00] Now Nicole is working the one-on-one coaching.

[09:30] Nicole helps people go from non-optimal place to making money.

[09:45] There’s a bridge between social work and masterminds.

[10:35] Recap take 2: New ideas

[11:19] What is affiliate marketing in 30 second or less?

[11:40] You don’t even need your own sale site.

[11:55] Affiliates don’t make money until you convert.

[12:00] Advertising vs. affiliate

[13:20] The Creative Hustler’s approach to affiliates.

[13:50] The issue with advertisements and your brand.

[15:00] We’re all just trying to figure this out, even google.

[15:19] You choose affiliates, you don’t always choose advertisements.

[15:40] PORN - the most lucrative market for affiliates.

[16:20] Some of Alan’s biggest successes were in the adult industry.

[17:00] Even the adult industry needs SEO help.

[18:00] Affiliate income is a great way to make money.

[18:20] Would you rather own 100% of something that makes no money, or 50% of something that makes a shitton of money?

[18:50] If you choose your affiliates correctly, you can tap into an audience that works for your brand.

[19:15] Nicole’s interview blew Steven’s mind because he never thought about it for the Creative Hustler shit.

[19:40] Check out The Creative Hustler Branding Course

[20:00] Create assets to give to your affiliates to help them succeed.

[20:30] You want everyone to help you, so why not provide them assets congruent to your brand!

[20:50] We want them to sell our product the way that WE want them to do it.

[21:45] Melissa loves Chocolate Chip cookies

[22:00] Cookies are always on your browser.

[22:50] How you can get a conversation even after the initial click.

[23:20] Pay attention to how the conversation actually happened.

[24:20] SEO may get the credit, but the affiliate got them there in the first place.

[25:00] It’s not always you type something in, you go there, you buy it.

[25:30] Platforms like DroodleBooks and Follow Up Then to get you focused.

[26:00] Affiliates can generate a lot of traffic thanks to cookies.

[26:17] Who determines the length of a cookie?

[26:40] You need to visit within a timeline to get the affiliate credit

[26:55] Nicole is crushing it with affiliates, and she’s giving free knowledge away!

[27:20] This is the second attempt at recording, but we did it.

[27:45] Check the show notes for all Nicole’s info!

[28:00] Steven, Alan & Melissa love spending time with you.

[28:27] Hit us up if you have affiliate marketing questions

[28:48] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







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Jul 25, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Nicole Liloia. She’s a business strategist + coach who works with accidental entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses so that they can move from 1:1 services to an online empire

[00:00] The secret to a rock solid brand!

[01:00] Today’s interview is with Nicole Liloia.

[01:11] What's Up Nicole. Ready to get hustling?

[01:54] Nicole is a former therapist turned accidental entrepreneur and #CreativeHustler

[02:34] You have to be a #CreativeHustler to go down the long windy road.

[03:01] Nicole’s transformation from social work/therapy to entrepreneurship.

[04:26] Freelancing without realizing it.

[05:07] Once you get the taste of Freelance freedom…

[05:40] Business courses and a private therapy practice.

[06:11] How do you get from therapy to Authentic Affiliate Academy?

[06:38] People always think, “I’ll never make passive income, I’ll never have an eCourse..”

[07:15] Nicole took BSchool and learned about Affiliates and building a business.

[08:15] Without even speaking to someone, you build trust with someone, they give value, and you end up buying a product without selling.

[09:06] What is Marie Forleo's BSchool?

[10:28] Classes for people with a couple toes in the affiliate pool.

[11:16] Nicole shared a Natalie Lucia’s webinar on Facebook, and had #3 most leads and became hooked on affiliate life.

[12:13] By the end of the Natalie Lucia’s course launch, Nicole made $5000.

[12:50] Nicole quit her part time job because there is the possibility for her to grow income in multiple markets.

[13:28] Nicole became an affiliate for multiple products she loves and trusts to help other people.

[14:07] Being an affiliate help other entrepreneurs be successful.

[14:45] It’s a people on people world. We want to buy from people we like.

[15:10] If you’re taking a course perfect for your brand, ask about an affiliate program!

[16:00] For example, one person becomes an affiliate, sold 20 spots, got an interview, got an opt-in and email list growth, and was an example for others.

[16:47] The Creative Hustler’s Branding course.

[17:15] It can’t hurt to reach out and offer affiliates for your course.

[18:00] You can fill the gap for your tribe if you can find something out there!

[19:10] Nicole is excited by Masterminds

[19:23] Why do Masterminds matter?

[20:20] The one-on-one effect is powerful - and the smaller the better.

[21:27] Seeing other people in a group having success encourages others to try it.

[21:50] Masterminds are accountability, motivation, and support to grow and develop.

[22:20] #CreativeHustlers can’t do it alone.

[22:40] Knowing you’re not alone in your entrepreneurship struggles.

[23:00] Loneliness is a big issue as an entrepreneur.

[24:20] Mastermind can combat the loneliness, because it gives you a tribe.

[24:53] Even accountants don’t always understand the entrepreneurial life.

[25:44] Consistency is the hardest struggle for Nicole.

[27:20] Having the community is a struggle. Digital happy hour isn’t the same.

[27:47] Financial accountability can be beneficial.

[28:30] You don’t want people slipping in who won’t hold up their end of the work.

[30:00] Long term benefits from group programs.

[30:29] Nicole would make her grad school mistake all over again.

[31:00] Though she’s not using the degree, it is a good mistake.

[31:50] Nicole would have coffee with Denise Duffield Thomas of Lucky Bitch

[32:45] Nicole enrolled in Lucky Bitch Bootcamp to change her money mindset.

[33:27] You need to realize where you have money blocks about spending, saving and making money.

[33:50] Lucky Bitch has one course and makes millions of dollars a year.

[34:30] Always re-read Think and Grow Rich!

[35:25] Some books you need to read over again at different times in your life.

[36:30] The first section in Nicole’s course is the mindset because you have to do that FIRST!

[36:35] The Creative Hustler launched in October 2016, and they are keeping the mindset.

[37:18] Separate the #CreativeBusters from the #CreativeHustlers

[37:36] Latin & Code is the main hustle, while The Creative Hustler is the side hustle.

[38:00] We are always looking to the next thing, the next way to make money. Just like fashion.

[38:39] Nicole is able to connect better because of travel. It keeps your vision big.

[39:40] Stop living your life with blinders on.

[39:58] If you say you can’t do it, and you don’t widen your path, you won’t be able to do it.

[40:20] Solo traveling makes you put yourself out there and open up.

[40:39] Travel brings humility and humility brings confidence for not always saying the right thing.

[41:230] Where Nicole lives on the internet

[41:44] Get Nicole’s freebie now!

[43:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Grab Nicole’s Freebie

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Jul 20, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Zoe Bejörnson. Zoe is the product marketing manager for About.Me -- she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker who has a love for User Experience.


[00:00] Get the secret to a lasting brand!

[00:55] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:05] Tuesday’s episode featured Zoë Bejörnson.

[01:21] Umlauts, or the dots over letters.

[01:49] Zoë is a ball of energy.

[02:18] Zoë is product marketing manager at

[02:52] is an easy to build landing page.

[03:40] is all about the side hustle.

[04:00] The biggest barrier for hustlers: Where to Start.

[04:30] is the hipper MySpace. It’s an online resume.

[05:06] skips the website building learning curve.

[05:28] Zoë reached out to US from Fiji.

[05:55] Fiji is on the opposite side of the planet.

[06:15] You can’t see the stars in big cities.

[06:44] Zoë’s RemoteYear - one city a month for a year.

[07:11] Victor Kung did a similar type trip

[08:00] Digital Nomad culture have Baby Boomers and GenXs.

[08:33] Video conferencing has been around for awhile.

[09:00] 100th Episode will be in a Hot Air Balloon.

[09:56] Zoë didn’t have a favorite city, but she had some that disappointed her.

[10:30] Every country is awesome until you add in politics and issues.

[11:00] Zoë’s London experience wasn’t the best location.

[11:15] Alan has relatives in London, sorta.

[11:58] Remote Years for families? Email us if you know about it!

[12:19] Join our Facebook Group already

[12:38] Zoë’s RemoteYear gave her confidence.

[13:00] Therapist Melissa helps us leave our baggage behind.

[13:40] Simon Sinek says millennials have confidence issues due to culture.

[14:00] GenX & GenY were told to get stable jobs, and not take risks.

[16:00] GenY didn’t have instant gratification.

[15:30] We can’t base our life on metrics - we lose empathy.

[16:10] When people travel, they find empathy and humility.

[16:45] Confidence comes from the humility and uncertainty of travel.

[17:19] The RemoteYear changes you.

[17:35] Many people are taking this Remote Year concept to heart.

[18:10] The uncomfortable situations are where you GROW.

[18:40] Zoë would share a coffee with her #CreativeHustler grandmother.

[19:29] The original user experience happened in the house.

[19:50] Zoë’s grandmother created a lazy susan to make the space more useful.

[20:20] Grandparents really give you a different perspective.

[21:00] Zoë is interested in User Experience and the customer journey.

[22:00] Emotional moment talking about Zoë’s grandmother.

[22:40] Please, please, please join our Facebook Group! We have songwriters to SEO experts!

[23:47] Please leave us a review!

[24:05] Peace out!

[24:15] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle






Jul 18, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Zoe Bejörnson, product marketing manager for About.Me -- she’s a world traveler, side hustle evangelist, and a badass global networker.


[00:00] Want the secret to a great brand? Click here!

[01:53] Why Zoe is a badass #CreativeHustler!

[02:23] Zoe just completed a RemoteYear.

[02:50] Zoe wants to introduce you to the world of cheese!

[03:23] What About.Me is all about!

[04:47] Steven has been an About.Me user since 2012.

[05:40] Melissa didn’t really use About.Me until recently, but it took her only 2 minutes!

[06:45] About.Me is the beginning of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book.

[07:07] Goldfish’s Choose Your Own Adventure

[07:54] How RemoteYear works & why Zoe chose it!

[10:50] Getting accepted to RemoteYear

[11:35] Traveling gives Marketers empathy.

[11:55] The locations Zoe went to, and top city she went to.

[12:40] Sometimes it’s about the month, not the location.

[13:55] Croatia was a great month, and a great trip.

[14:47] 12 different cities allows you to know what cities you may want to LIVE in.

[15:00] Sometimes it is better to immerse yourself in a place, instead of visit many places quickly.

[16:00] Teddy Roosevelt believed in slow travel.

[17:05] Traveling & RemoteYear helped Zoe develop a stronger sense of self-confidence.

[19:00] You can introduce yourself how you WANT during RemoteYear.

[19:49] Getting the opportunity to make a new first impression!

[20:00] Your 20s is spent figuring out who you are, what you want, and your purpose. Zoe is ahead of the game.

[21:00] You don’t have to figure out what it is you’re gonna do, but that you CAN do it!

[21:30] RemoteYear is three pieces: the travel, the relationships and the work.

[22:00] The work was the one of the hardest issue for Zoe.

[22:50] A challenge to form such close relationships so quickly in a very unpredictable program.

[23:55] People leave in life, people come and go and sometimes shit still happens.

[24:15] Saying goodbye to people you love is tough.

[25:36] Zoe is excited by products that talk to people, and user experience in products.

[26:30] Zoe wants to create things that are a joy to use.

[27:15] Even pop-ups on websites should tell you, “Hell yeah!”

[27:45] The customer wants to know your thought process, and be more personal.

[28:15] Brands who look at it from a transactional perspective will not be successful.

[29:00] We want to buy from people we trust.

[30:10] Seth Godin comes up again - gotta read The Tribes

[30:50] You would think at this point in life we’d come up with a better system then putting a sticker on fruit with a number on it.

[31:23] Zoe is a generalist - she likes to have all the pieces of the pie.

[32:30] Zoe is ready to move into specialized realm, User Experience design!

[33:13] UEx design is where Zoe is meant to go next.

[33:35] All the levels of UEx design.

[35:00] Zoe didn’t have an interested in UEx until after her RemoteYear.

[35:45] Going from Social Media, to Product Development showed Zoe about the experience.

[36:25] Zoe created a “Mad Lib” tool for helping people write their About.Me bio.

[37:50] Getting to work with diverse people helps you recognize new interests.

[39:12] Mobile is where it is at for user experience.

[40:13] For About.Me, they have users, but their users ALSO have users!

[40:55] Freelancers today don’t need a fancy website anymore.

[41:40] People are going to quit you if it’s too much

[42:05] Zoe would grab a drink with her grandmother.

[43:05] Zoe’s grandmother made her own “lazy susan” to use her kitchen space.

[44:30] Zoe has the unique answer in #CreativeHustler history.

[42:34] When you see & use more of services in different places, you can relate to it more.

[46:45] Traveling and experiences enrich your social library.

[47:24] BBQ are very big is Argentina - how many cultures have a BBQ culture?

[48:00] You are able to see so much with travel. You can compare themes in all cultures.

[48:45] You are never too young to write your eulogy.

[49:05] Enrich your own personal library. So many indexes to pull from in your brain & experiences.

[49:44] Having extra resources from travel gives you the stuff to draw from in creating new things.

[50:26] Where to find Zoe on the internet.

[51:20] Leave us a review!

[51:33] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Jul 13, 2017

[RECAP] Auguste Crenshaw. Steven, Alan, and Melissa are recapping Auguste’s interview from this past Tuesday. Auguste Crenshaw is a personal development and business strategist coach who in July is bringing together 30+ thought leaders and badass entrepreneurs (including Steven) for the Real Talk for Business Mastery Virtual Summit.  

[00:00] Want the secret to great to great branding? Click here!

[01:34] Why Auguste rocked Steven & Melissa’s lives!

[02:33] Why Zoom is SO much better than Skype.

[02:58] Auguste has a BACKDROP!

[03:40] Creative Hustler is ready to chromakey this shit!

[04:15] More about Auguste and her Real Talk for Business Mastery Summit!

[04:52] Why virtual summits are really where it is at!

[05:37] A little outline of when the Summit goes live, and when Steven speaks!

[06:09] Steven’s Topic: The intersection of creativity & business, your Why, and how your personal brand is MORE than just googling yourself.

[06:28] Your Brand is your life strategy.

[06:42] Coming Soon: The Creative Hustler Summit

[07:10] Barbalicious, Peter, and Joseph - just a few of the Creative Hustler guests.

[07:45] The Boomerang - You move west, and then return east.

[08:00] Bad Netflix Decisions. Leave yours in the comments.

[08:30] Super Pig on Netflix, Steven’s last bad Netflix choice.

[08:40] Don’t give into Analysis Paralysis

[09:39] If you’re not embarrassed by the first product you put out, you waited too long.

[09:57] You just need to do it.

[10:11] That first step is so important.

[10:28] We all have million dollar dreams, but who is going to WORK on it?

[11:02] So many ideas, but not working on all of them.

[11:35] Building an email list is a great first step.

[12:00] Auguste did cosmetology for 12 years.

[12:50] Changing clients to customers.

[13:30] Steven’s line of Creative Hustler wheelchair accessories.

[14:00] The future is bitcoins.

[14:34] Steven’s second virtual summit. It’s like Summer Camp for the entrepreneur.

[15:27] Summit speakers make a community of helping each other out.

[15:35] Join our Creative Hustler community on Facebook!

[16:03] Bringing it back to Yahoo groups.

[16:47] The Facebook groups are vetted for access.

[17:18] Make sure to survey your tribe.

[18:20] Facebook is now the intersection of personal and business.

[18:40] So many friend requests, and not personal.

[19:00] You gotta find the balance with Facebook groups.

[20:10] Entrepreneurship is a spiritual path.

[20:30] Entrepreneurship can make or break you.

[21:10] Changing your personal to your brand.

[21:34] Marty Martini story.

[23:30] Brand isn't always a straight line but it's a spiritual journey.

[24:12] You grow when your business grows.

[24:40] Steven & Melissa met in an Entrepreneur Summit.

[25:00] You need to get your blocks out of the way.

[25:45] August has such POSITIVE energy!

[26:00] Sometimes you have to GET AWAY to improve.

[26:47] Check out Steven’s live webinar on July 26th!

[27:15] Steven was a part of the Tuba Team at the Olympics.

[27:45] The story of the Sousaphone.

[29:08] There's always a journey to end up where you are.

[29:36] Getting laid off kicks you onto your spiritual path.

[30:00] Life and relationships are a part of the spiritual journey.

[30:23] Check out Real Talk for Business Mastery Summit

[30:42] Join our Facebook group & Please leave us a review!

[30:22] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


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Jul 11, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Auguste Crenshaw, a personal development, and business strategist coach who in July is bringing together 30+ thought leaders and badass entrepreneurs (including myself) for the Real Talk for Business Mastery Virtual Summit.


[01:15] What’s Up Auguste? Ready to get hustling?

[01:38] Why Steven & Melissa are excited about this interview!

[02:15] Why Auguste is a badass #CreativeHustler

[03:20] Auguste is all about Creativity and the Process.

[03:45] Falling in love with the process.

[04:02] You need to fall in love with the process to GROW.

[05:00] Do you have a million dollar work ethic?

[05:45] Get out of your head, and put yourself out there.

[06:20] Add the value and people will feed you what they want.

[06:50] Why you need to put yourself out there and keep doing it!

[07:45] You need to stay true to your core values.

[08:13] Sometimes you need to take a timeout in your business.

[08:30] Don’t abandon the tribe you already have.

[08:55] The process behind the Real Talk Business Mastery Summit.

[09:38] Gut instinct is worth so much more.

[10:10] How the name “Real Talk Business Mastery” came about.

[11:03] People are smarter than “6 days to 6 figures” trends!

[11:20] Bringing real talk to the entrepreneurs

[11:35] Summit with 32 speakers over 5 days. You need to be there.

[12:22] July 13th - mark your calendars. Get signed up for “Real Talk Business Mastery

[12:39] Why this summit will transform your fucking life.

[13:30] Entrepreneur life is a crazy emotional trainwreck.

[14:02] Your brand, your life, and REAL challenges.

[14:40] After the summit, your HEAD will be in the game.

[15:00] This summit is your KICK in the ASS

[15:20] Auguste has always had creativity & confidence, but the system doesn’t make entrepreneurs.

[16:17] When the pressure hits, you gotta make moves!

[17:20] The more people give to Auguste, the more she wants to give back.

[17:46] It's consistently sowing seeds and the journey that leads to success.

[18:20] You need to take time and put effort to be who you SHOULD be.

[18:45] This summit will help you tap into your creative nature.

[19:09] Auguste manifested her own destiny.

[19:25] Mental blocks in entrepreneurs - society isn’t always right.

[20:10] Auguste’s switch from Cosmetology to Badass entrepreneur.

[20:45] Helping a fellow entrepreneur helped Auguste find her new path.

[21:45] Sometimes you have to make a choice to let something go to move forward.

[22:20] Auguste broke anchor by leaving behind her hair business.

[23:00] Do I really want to do everything it takes? Do I want to hustle?

[23:20] People used to call me a “life coach,” and finally it hit me.

[24:04] Auguste found her divine right, and her purpose all alone.

[24:36] Melissa needed to take her own journey, as well.

[25:09] Sometimes you need to get away from everything you know and break it down to succeed.

[25:50] Who’s to say we can’t create our own damn table?

[26:25] We live in a time, “If you think it, you can do it.”

[26:50] Auguste grew up in the church and was raised with her vision in a box.

[27:35] Once you break away from it ALL, you can find the bigger purpose.

[28:00] When you feel it and the universe drops it in your lap, sit your ass at the computer RIGHT THEN and get it DONE!

[28:50] You need to do it right away, or you risk your purpose being torn down.

[29:26] The example of the invention of the telephone.

[30:10] Intuition in our society

[30:34] Everyone is trying to measure, instead of just being open to natural instincts.

[31:17] Don’t look at your business like you’re balancing a budget.

[31:46] Auguste’s summit is about collaboration, first and foremost.

[32:45] It’s about the HEART of the project itself.

[33:30] “Real Talk Business Mastery Summit” is different because it comes from the heart

[34:30] It is what it is, we’re not sugar coating anything in this Summit.

[35:13] Authentic Groups and tribes are important for online businesses.

[36:20] The hardest part about Auguste’s #CreativeHustle - REST!

[37:15] Business can get overwhelming, we need to take the time to REST.

[37:30] Auguste’s awesome post to build community in a Facebook group!

[38:00] Building Facebook Business Pages.

[39:50] Auguste’s advice on Time Management.

[39:58] Write it down, and keep the MAIN THING the main thing!

[40:30] Don’t focus on BALANCE. Focus on MAXIMIZING.

[41:50] Time slows down when you’re focused.

[42:13] You need to set the boundaries for yourself and your significant others.

[43:10] Make time for the unexpected detours in your life

[43:30] Auguste’s task management systems - send people to your calendar.

[44:00] Why writing things down is still so important.

[44:50] Steven’s 1-2-3 system

[45:27] Auguste’s Hit List of #CreativeHustlers to sit down with. Jim Rone, John C Maxwell, Eric Thomas, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

[46:12] The drink is specific to each #CreativeHustler: wine, water or beer?

[47:35] Traveling and life taught Auguste that it’s about the EXPERIENCE!

[48:25] How she built her business AGAINST the grain.

[48:50] Sometimes you need to redefine your character

[49:20] Auguste always breaks the mold

[49:47] Where to find Auguste on the internet

[51:40] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




Real Talk Business Mastery Summit



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