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May 31, 2017

Whats Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Laura Pennington, She’s an entrepreneur, content writer, and podcast host, who in 2015, threw out her whole business model and instead of continuing down burnout blvd, she fired half her clients and decided it was time to grow her business on her own terms.   


[0:00] Don’t get hustled by the agencies

[1:27] What's Up Laura. Ready to get hustling?

[1:38] Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you a #CreativeHustler

[2:55] Creativity as a Technical Writer?

[4:15] You’re not creative? THAT’S BULLSHIT

[4:40] Change your perspective to bring the creativity to the mundane.

[5:11] Are you on Burnout BLVD? And the story of how Laura ended up driving down it!

[6:47] Don’t recreate your JOB with your HUSTLE!

[7:20] What Burnout is for Laura

[8:40] The universe sends EVERYONE messages!

[9:16] Laura’s reason to wake up in the morning: Me Time

[10:15] There is a bigger picture then the client deadline.

[10:40] Schedule time for what you WANT to work on!

[11:55] Why the morning is the best time for YOUR projects!

[12:40] What feeds Laura’s soul?

[13:31] The mental block for writing your own book!

[14:30] The story behind writing her first fiction novel.

[15:50] Knock out the WORST thing of the day first.

[16:30] Get your ass moving: Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung

[18:00] Find your Get Moving playlist, and blast it!

[18:54] Why Laura started running, and how it  improved her life.

[21:00] The Runner’s High and how it helps with Stress!

[22:33] The biggest challenge for Laura’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[23:28] Let home be your sacred space - aka Coworking spaces.

[23:50] The challenge of stopping the work when you work at home.

[25:14] #CreativeHustler as a Military Wife - Embracing the differences.

[26:25] Finding the middle ground for different personalities.

[27:10] Laura’s most recent move, Move #6

[28:35] Why Stephen needs an eCourse on living in the middle of America.

[29:38] The mistake Laura would make over and over again.

[30:50] Sometimes the obstacle is the way.

[31:31] Why not leaving a job sooner could be a good lesson?

[32:02] Laura’s Two Must Have Productivity Hacks

[32:35] Have a good team behind you to keep your sanity.

[33:13] How do you successfully manage virtual assistants?

[34:52] Why training people with VIDEO is essential.

[35:45] Why going above and beyond for your team is important.

[36:05] Set your time expectations up front.

[36:50] Finding those tasks that someone else could do for you!

[37:30] If you don’t like it, if you aren’t good at it then OUTSOURCE!

[38:00] Use your sticky notes and make the “What Can I Outsource?” list.

[38:41] Laura’s one historical #CreativeHustler, and her go-to coffee drink!

[39:35] Why Tim Ferris is life-changing!

[40:08] Why traveling and moving gives Laura inspiration and motivation.

[41:00] Why Satellite Internet will give you downtime.

[43:59] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Laura:

Writing -

Digital Life & Organization:

Podcast: Better Biz Academy (iTunes / Stitcher)


May 20, 2017

We’re pumping up the volume more forward! The 50th episode marks a monumental change of growth and we’re excited about the future and all the changes coming our way. Thank you John Bertino and for being our Guest on this episode with Steven, Melissa, and Alan!

Let’s Rock, Creative Hustlers!


[1:15] Bet against John Bertino, and welcome back!

[1:45] Creative Hustler’s first interview.

[3:05] John’s east coast expansion - PHILLY!

[4:19] Time to look back at The Creative Hustler’s 50 episodes.

[4:58] John Bertino’s Episode: Smooth sailing on first episode.

[5:30] Another episode favorite: Why we want to grab a beer with Joseph Kennedy

[7:00] Joseph Kennedy is living like a king in Morocco.

[7:50] What is the Camino de Santiago?

[8:50] Why you need to subscribe to The Creative Hustler’s youtube.

[9:40] Another awesome digital nomad, and a notable episode: Barbalicious

[10:09] Why does Barbalicious speak FIVE different languages?

[10:53] Digital Nomad Travel Guides

[12:17] Cinco De Mayo History Lesson!

[13:53] Let’s admire Steven’s Segway Skills: Start-ups in California

[14:05] Notable Episode: Follow Up Then Guys - Reilly Sweetland & Dan Harding

[14:40] How are you NOT using Follow Up Then?! And our Affiliate link!

[16:12] ALT NBA with Dan Harding

[16:32] Reilly Sweetland and the Married Creative Hustler life.

[18:10] Making time for the most important times of the day: Balanced lifestyle.

[19:15] Why Steven & Melissa celebrate the Equinox.

[19:58] Another partner, and notable episode: Andrew Easton & Amazon Marketing

[20:16] Time to switch to a Droodle Book!

[21:04] Why doodles are good for your brain!

[21:44] Custom Droodle Books with custom drawings for YOUR industry!

[23:29] Peter Cincotti & the impending Sauce-Off!

[24:00] Why Peter is a citizen of Italy?

[24:26] The Creative Hustler's Moment of Italian.

[24:35] Is it sauce or gravy? The Sauce-Off continues.

[25:08] John’s 7 Day Sauce Story from Mama Mazz

[26:11] Peter Cincotti’s new album and show in LA!

[26:50] A mason jar of sauce?

[27:57] Another notable episode: Why Grant Cooper is a ball of energy!

[28:18] How to Brand Yourself as a Creative Hustler with Grant’s help!

[29:00] TCH Branding Course: Underestimating everything about launching a new product!

[29:46] Making a course from your side hustle.

[30:03] Learning from The Creative Hustler podcast guests.

[31;00] How The Europe Thing lead to the podcast.

[31:40] Don’t miss the May 24th Webinar! Brand yourself like a creative hustler!

[32:28] Behind the Hustle…

[32:30] Big thanks to Alan! The Creative Hustler’s lifeline.

[33:24] Just to call a spade a spade: Shit is hard.

[33:40] Bringing in help when you need it.

[34:03] Jessica Yarbough and why you need Maintenance time.

[34:58] Isolation Tanks are a game changer for John!

[36:34] Shout Out to FLOT in San Diego!

[37:20] The story of Steven’s ear trouble.

[38:41] Tips to streamline production!

[40:09] Finding tasks to take your hands-off!

[40:40] Laura Pennington’s tips to outsource!

[41:05] Screencasting app to improve the training of Virtual Assistants!

[41:17] Shout out to Cianna the VA!

[42:15] Why video is the new way to train!

[42:28] Alan’s tips for naming your files properly.

[43:30] Bonus tip: Blank space for editing audio/video.

[44:00] Pro Tools version 1

[44:20] The Creative Hustler Collective: Why you need a team.

[44:55] And now your Moment of Italian…

[45:14] Excitement for the next 50 episodes!

[45:21] Change is coming: New Intro, Spots for Partners, Optimizing the Website!

[45:50] We will NOT sell you BULLSHIT!

[46:13] Don’t miss John’s webinar: SCORE - June 1st - SEO in 2017!

[46:52] SEO Tip from John.

[47:48] Podcast Hack: Timestamped Show Notes!

[49:20] Engagement is good!

[50:00] Thank you to our listeners! Here’s to 100th!

[50:20] Hot Air Balloon Live 100th Podcast!

[50:55] Want more? Join our private Creative Hustler Facebook Group!

[51:49] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.

May 16, 2017

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today’s 3oz or less episode is featuring Philip Warren, a strategic consultant and business advisor helping C-Level stakeholders realize their mission and live their vision.

[0:39] What’s Up Philip? Ready to get hustling?

[0:45] What makes Phillip a creative hustler!

[2:10] Biggest challenges for getting to the NEXT level! Especially in Small Businesses! 

[2:40] Vision is the issue - You need to be cohesive.

[3:45]  Know your fundamentals and avoid productivity killers!

[4:30] Guard your time, and focus on moving that needle!

[5:54] Are you running and not making any progress? Distractions for your business.

[6:36] Don’t fear the business plan! Create it, get it in place, and DON’T put it in the DRAWER!

[7:20] Your business plan needs to be malleable!

[7:50] You need to keep sharpen the saw to move the needle.

[9:00] Plan around you personal development! Plus, why Phillip is awesome.

[10:00] Magic happens when you write shit down!

[10:55] Share that goal with your circle.

[11:54] Action Steps: Keep it visible, keep it specific, and go read “The One Thing 

[14:35] Build your pillars to support that ONE idea. Follow one course for success.

[15:14] Don’t be a Jack of all Trades, and master of NONE!

[15:30] Multitasking isn’t real.

[17:20]  Should you bring your phone to the meeting? Don’t make a bad impression!

[18:12] You can’t stop the notifications, so bring the paper and pen for the meeting.

[18:51] Wanna talk to Philip? Here’s how to contact him!

[20:40] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


The Warrens at Work Website


May 14, 2017

Today’s 3oz or less episode is featuring Marina Villatoro, or as she is known: “The Trader Chick.


[0:28] Introduction to Marina

[0:39] Why Marina is a creative hustler and a spiritual day trader

[3:10] How Marina ended up with her unique way of day trading

[4:30] What Marina choose to trade in, and WHY

[5:30] BREAKDOWN bringing you to BREAKTHROUGHS

[6:32] Spirituality is a Skill

[7:35] What Breakdowns that Marina Faced

[8:40] Don’t Blame the Market. It’s You

[9:30] Self Sabotage as a Creative Hustler

[10:00] Action Items to Start Day Trading

[11:40] Focus on your Market

[12:27] Practice Makes Perfect, even in Day Trading

[13:00] Foundation has to come First

[13:15] Marina’s niche: Trader Chick and what that means.

[14:00] How to contact Marina and join her FREE course!

[16:15] Trust the Process

[16:40] Parting Notes: Enjoy yourself and Have Fun

[16:34] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Marina 'The Trader Chick' Villatoro

May 4, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Bailey Richert’s interview, She’s a business coach for beginning and budding entrepreneurs by helping them launch profitable online enterprises based on their life experiences.

She is also the founder of the Infopreneur Summit, happening May 1-4 this year. And I’m especially excited to have Bailey on the show as I am one of the speakers at this years summit.

[0:45] Introduction to Tuesday’s episode and Bailey Richert and the Infopreneur Summit overview.

[1:00] How virtual events work and the 45 Badass speakers at the Infopreneur Summit.

[1:50] Steve’s involvement with the Infopreneur Summit and the power of your WHY!

[3:17] Bailey’s interview and the creation of the Summit! 

[3:48] Break it down: What is an infopreneur?

[5:10] Collective experience vs. True experience.

[5:45] Roots of the word entrepreneur.

[7:00] Infopreneur Summit and why it is SO unique!

[7:20] The value of the Facebook Group “Make those Niches your Bitches”

[8:00] The Infopreneur Summit is FREE, and YOU need to be there. 

[9:00] Something for everyone at the Infopreneur Summit: The Hot Topics! 

[10:11] How to have legal protection for YOUR hustle!

[10:55] Infopreneur is one too many coaching and being a teacher.

[12:18] Everyone has value and they sprinkle it on your life! 

[12:48] Steven & Melissa’s Halloween costume next year!

[13:00] Time for a BIG announcement! The Creative Hustle Course!

[13:35] New Course: How to Brand Yourself like a Creative Hustler

[14:30] Steven’s speech at the Infopreneur Summit is courting YOU and your Brand!

[15:45]  Alan is bringing digital value to the Creative Hustler Course! Plus, a digital class coming soon!

[17:15] The intersection of creativity and business: Teaching edition.

[17:30] More details on the Personal Branding E-Course - 15 Lessons and the energy of people.

[19:10] The power of the head nod!

[19:20] Melissa’s Icebreaker Speech and becoming a toastmaster.

[20:07] Warren Buffet was afraid of public speaking too!

[21:35] Making yearly goals and getting uncomfortable.

[23:05] Growing up shy and being confident in what you know.

[24:40] 7 minutes of hustle and how bartending is easier than public speaking.

[25:30] The podium is a gate! Speaking without holding back.

[26:33] Public speaking over death.

[26:50] Wrap up: Infopreneur Summit, Glimpse behind the hustle, and the Art of Living!

[28:27] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.

Contact Info:
Infopreneur Summit (Free Tickets Available)

May 2, 2017

The New American Dream

Today we’ll be talking with Bailey Richert, She’s a business coach for beginning and budding entrepreneurs by helping them launch profitable online enterprises based on their life experiences.

She is also the founder of the Infopreneur Summit, happening May 1st-4th 2017. And I’m especially excited to have Bailey on the show as I am one of the speakers at this year's summit.


[1:06] Bailey Richert is a Creative Hustler because…


[2:29] Bailey explains to us what the NEW American dream is and how she went from valedictorian to a high-paying corporate job to saying “Screw the ladder” and creating her own.


[4:00] The moment Bailey decided that the 9-5 was NOT for her, and decided to chase the new American dream, and avoiding sitting in the same cubicle for 50 years!


50 YEARS! Imagine sitting in the same exact spot for 50 years.


[6:40] Self-motivation and how you continue the journey of working for yourself. Focus on the moments that keep you going.


[8:45] Learning what Bailey’s main hustle is, and what is an Infopreneur?


[10:36] The story of a thousand pieces of Origami...


[11:38] Diving in and finding the CORE idea for an online business and Niching down!


[13:30] Bailey shares keys to skyrocketing to success in an online business!


[13:56] What is lighting up Bailey and more information on the Infopreneur Summit! A four-day digital event for infopreneur business owners, which Steven is also speaking at!


[16:52] A deeper dive into the Infopreneur Summit, and why Bailey is running a one-woman show!


[19:00] Misconceptions in digital events, and gathering engagement! Don’t compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel.


[20:10] I made a course and no one is buying it, and other digital woes!


[22:30] Smoke & Mirrors in online businesses, and learning to question what you see!


[25:30] Bailey’s most challenging part of living the Creative Hustler lifestyle, and remembering to shower!


[28:09] Bailey’s advice for the Creative Hustler balance, and her three techniques to manage this lifestyle and make time for yourself!


[32:06] The struggle of saying NO for the first time, and advice for getting into the groove of honoring your schedule.


[33:40] Who would Bailey grab a coffee with and why she wants to create a legacy.


[36:18] What is Bailey’s go to NON-coffee order, soda addiction and why she doesn’t work in coffee shops often.


[39:58] How traveling has impacted Bailey’s creative hustle, her 25 countries in 29 years, and a bit of background on Bailey’s first infopreneur product.


[44:23] Bailey’s contact info, and ways to get into the Infopreneur Summit!


[45:19] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Info:


Infopreneur Summit (Free Tickets Available)