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Feb 22, 2018

For today’s 3oz or Less, Steven discusses the biggest mistake brands make in their communication strategy, and his top 3 tips for on-point branding.


[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers, Steven here!

[00;55] Today’s topic is branding tips!

[01:38] First mistake: Not developing their personas.

[02:09] You need to get deeper into this. What makes them click.

[02:30] You need to talk to your customer!

[03:15] If you think you know your clients, you don’t. Dig deeper!

[04:06] You want to keep branding in your customer’s minds.

[04:55] Second Mistake: You are not being adaptive.

[05:14] Personalization is more important than ever.

[06:17] We don’t want to be ignorant that our audience does not all see things the same way.

[06:48] Break adaptive strategy down to a few core demographics!

[07:12] Third Mistake: You aren’t staying consistent.

[07:40] It’s the golden rule of branding, whatever it is you do, do it well and do it often.

[08:09] Every piece of content on the brand needs to be consistent to brand strategy & standards.

[08:45] You need to know who your audience is, and be adaptive in order to be consistent.

[09:10] Auditing your brand and progress is important.

[09:35] That’s a wrap, Creative Hustlers!

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[10:00] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.




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Feb 20, 2018

For today’s 3oz or Less, Steven discusses the infographic from Daisy @ and dives into 21 Ways to Increase Creativity!


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:45] Today we’re getting 21 tips for being more creative!

[01:08] Before anything, there’s a thought and a spark!

[01:37] Finding our own path to creativity

[01:50] #1: Obsess!

[02:34] Creative people require solitude to generate new ideas

[03:16] #2: Make Experiments and Prototypes!

[04:00] #3: Identify our energy killers!

[04:30] Stay in the state of optimal flow.

[04:47] #4: Relax and take a break.

[05:06] Hustle is a subjective term. Work smarter, not harder.

[05:25] Dopamine is the motivation molecule.

[05:44] 72% of people have their best ideas in the shower.

[06:20] #5: Creativity comes in a flash. How can we get inspired more?

[06:47] #6: Listen to your body clock!

[07:20] You can’t put a circle in a square. Find a harmony.

[07:46] #7: Set your limits.

[08:07] Too many options can become obstacles.

[08:32] #8: Record your ideas! Use a voice recorder to keep track of your ideas.

[10:01] #9: Change or flip your perspective.

[10:38] Distance yourself from the project to get some clarity.

[10:57] #10: GO TO SLEEP!

[11:25] Better sleep makes a better mood.

[11:34] #11: Go for a walk!

[11:54] Get away from the damn desk!

[12:12] #12: Don’t give up!

[12:45] We need to put ourselves into the place to have more ideas.

[13:00] #13: Combine ideas!

[14:04] #14: Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

[14:47] Play life in the key of Z!

[15:04] #15: Use what you have.

[15:38] #16: Borrow ideas! What’s new is the way you approach it!

[16:12] #17: Make physical & neurological connections! Learn, read, network!

[16:49] #18: Think simply! KISS =  Keep It Simple Steven!

[17:43] #19: Use your imagination! Visualize it!

[18:28] Create a vision board.

[18:37] #20: Leave your safe zone! Get uncomfortable!

[19:25] #21: Stay hungry! Act like you have nothing to LOSE!

[20:12] Hope these 21 tips from Daisy @ help you!

[20:30] Don’t forget to check us out at, or our consulting business at, and leave us a review!

[21:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Feb 15, 2018

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steve, Melissa & Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Brian Lischer, CEO &  Founder of Ignyte Branding.


[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:52] Steven & Melissa have talked to Alan in SO many different places.

[01:34] Today we’re recapping Brian Lischer, from Ignyte Branding.

[02:00] We actually interviewed Brian back in September at the live event.

[02:30] The interview dived into Brian’s process in creating brands, and so much more.

[03:15] Brian has over 10 years in the agency life.

[03:30] Steven makes bromances over branding.

[04:30] What makes Brian’s agency different is the convergence of sociology, psychology and mythology.

[05:16] There is no much psychology in Marketing.

[05:30] Alan uses psychology to help understand people’s marketing strategy.

[05:48] Steven finished his first class teaching at Drexel recently.

[06:16] People can spend $30,000 on a website & brand, but have no brand vision. WTF?

[07:45] If you don’t know what YOU do differently, it’s the blind leading the blind.

[08:15] Mythology comes into play with brand archetypes and brand story.

[09:07] You have 15 years of mistakes to get you the results you’re looking for.

[10:00] Mythology is like leaving your mark, it’s a legacy.

[10:49] Mythology is to explain the unexplainable.

[12:23] Hiring & acquiring talent in your growing business.

[12:53] Brian had an outside HR firm to help with the hiring process.

[13:43] What do you look at while hiring employees & contractors?

[14:26] You can teach someone a hard skill, but you can’t teach being a part of the culture.

[15:50] Alan actually hired Melissa, because she had a drive to learn.

[17:50] You can go a lot further with a group of smart, hardworking people.

[19:00] Bringing in an HR consultant to help grow is different then bringing one in to figure out what the hell is going on!

[20:00] Alan’s hiring process with Ignite and their growth.

[20:50] Hiring can be a lot of luck of the draw.

[21:40] Hire the right TYPES of people, instead of the right skills.

[23:10] Sometimes you can just tell when it’s not the right person.

[23:39] Hustle beats talent, when talent doesn’t hustle.

[24:08] Show up every day, and make progress!

[24:30] Don’t get to visit The Creative Hustler online, and join our Facebook group!

[24:53] Brian is at!

[25:16] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Feb 14, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Today Steven, from Impact Hub Siracusa Sicily, is talking with Brian Lisher, CEO and Chief Brand Strategist with Ignyte, a badass branding firm out of San Diego, CA.

[01:04] What’s up Brian, ready to get hustling?

[01:19] Why Brian is a Creative Hustler, and more about Ignyte.

[02:25] How Brian manages converging sociology and psychology into Ignyte.

[04:37] Brian wanted to fix the brand, instead of promoting the brand.

[05:40] Even Alan has a psychology degree. The greatest marketers are psychologists.

[07:00] Started with a social media consulting contract, and moved into branding.

[08:00] Ignyte has been open for 4 years, but really 3 full years.

[9:30] How Steven defines brand.

[11:00] How Brian defines brand.

[11:35] How Brian brings data into shaping perceptions.

[13:15] It’s important to know how a CEO views you vs. a Marketing Manager.

[15:15] Why there isn’t always a direct ROI.

[16:40] Sometimes you have to adjust pricing to meet the competition.

[17:00] It’s more expensive and harder to be a change agent.

[18:45] If it comes down to arguing about price, it is probably the wrong client.

[20:26] Sometimes your competitors are 10x the price, but not 10x the value.

[21:46] Where does inspiration come from?

[23:14] Without having partners or high level staff, much of the work falls on Brian.

[24:40] How Brian deals with late night resurgence in creativity.

[25:24] Being able to do the analysis and turning it into data for creative execution is what Brian loves.

[26:40] What Brian is excited about for 2018: Growth, public speaking and more.

[29:30] Brian’s secret to balancing the building of a business is working with an HR consultant, and developing a hiring process.

[30:48] Process is everything.

[31:32] Brian’s choice for grabbing a drink with a Creative Hustler: Steve Jobs.

[33:35] People not be able to tell detail and obsession that went into a project, but they can feel it.

[36:07] Brian is a minimalist, and needs to work with others like him.

[38:19] There’s two types of people who do pitches. 10 slides & no words, or 300 slides and tons of words.

[39:15] Where Brian & Ignyte live on the internet.

[40:55] As always, check out The Creative Hustler, or Latin & Code, and please leave a review.

[41:13] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle.


Jan 19, 2018

Today, Steven, Melissa & Alan recap Tuesday’s interview with Josh Haynam, the Co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder.


[00:33] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:54] We’re in the Creative Hustler World Studio!

[01:22] Going forward, Steven may be doing more interviews solo!

[02:08] Now we’re doing recaps digitally, instead of in person!

[02:44] A little about Josh Haynam.

[03:28] Coding is like a learning a language.

[04:25] What should we name our Consulting business?

[04:56] Boston Latin is one of the oldest in the country.

[05:23] Josh was 19 and building websites and coding.

[05:55] 30,000 businesses were using Interactive Quiz Builder now.

[06:40] Best ideas come from solving a problem.

[07:50] Quizzes are as important as memes these days!

[08:38] Where is the benefit of quizzes in the online strategy?

[09:40] Quizzes boost interaction on facebook!

[10:35] Quizzes are good for brand awareness campaign.

[12:00] Using quizzes for retargeting campaigns.

[13:00] Josh is very purposeful with his day.

[13:40] What happens when the shit hits the fan?

[14:37] Josh’s tips for when the shit hits the fan!

[15:00] Tip 1: Transparency.

[15:22] Alan’s thoughts on transparency.

[17:00] Story about GrooveShark.

[18:00] If you have loyalty, you have good employees.

[19:20] When you are transparent, it can be a rally call!

[19:47] Tip 2 from Josh: Talk to people smarter than you!

[21:00] Everyone needs someone to talk to and get advice from.

[22:30] Josh takes the time to know the world around him.

[23:00] New Quiz: What kinda sauce are you? #MomentofItalian

[24:30] Sauce or Gravy?

[25:05] Check out Peter Scincotti’s episode!

[25:26] Check out Josh’s website!

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[25:57] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Jan 16, 2018

What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Today Steven is interviewing Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, an influencer marketing tool used by more than 30,000 businesses and in his words… He’s probably seen more quizzes than any other human being on earth right now.


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:50] What’s up, Josh? Ready to get hustling?

[01:15] What makes Josh a Creative Hustler.

[02:00] Building and tinkering uses new parts of our brain.

[03:10] Pushing the boundaries is exciting.

[03:30] How Interact Quiz Builder got started and where it is now.

[05:20] 37 million people have taken a quiz on Interact Quiz Builder.

[06:00] Quizzes range from funny quizzes to serious ones.

[06:35] Josh’s first launch flopped SO badly.

[08:00] For success, months of work, hundreds of blog posts, and finally Josh’s business kicked off!

[09:15] Only question you need to ask yourself, “Should I keep going?”

[09:51] How Josh’s passion has changed over time.

[10:30] There is NO POINT at which being an entrepreneur gets easy!

[12:36] How Josh snaps himself out of a bad mood!

[14:25] Take time to work your method and get yourself in the right place.

[14:50] When you’re starting out, take time to address things and move forward.

[16:00] Why Steven & Melissa decided to get out of the country.

[17:29] What Josh is excited about in 2018.

[17:55] Josh is excited about helping people make better quizzes!

[19:00] Interact Quiz Builder is going to build solutions for people’s issues.

[20:50] The new features on Interact Quiz Builder are already in the works!

[22:35] Josh’s biggest struggle is running a company, and having everything go smoothly, while still having a clear mind to work on projects.

[24:08] These struggles happen to everyone.

[24:20] Josh’s advice for entrepreneurs who are in the same place.

[27:50] When things are not good in your business, are you still talking about it? Transparency is important.

[29:57] Josh would grab a drink with Casey Neistat! He’s the epitome of hustle.

[31:00] It’s admirable to keep your morals while hustling.

[32:00] Where you can find Josh on the internet.

[32:40] Don’t forget to leave a review.

[32:53] Melissa’s moment of Hustle.



Jan 11, 2018

Today, Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Sam Alvarez's interview and discuss what having multiple jobs can teach us!

[00:32] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:50] Steven & Melissa are still in Sicily!

[01:34] Creative Hustler returns to U.S mid-February!

[01:40] Today’s recap is Sam Alvarez!

[02:15] She’s had 63 jobs, and speaks 8 languages.

[03:25] Jobs not professions.

[04:05] Sam is a polyglot.

[04:22] Sam speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and many more we don’t know.

[05:00] Alan speaks one language, Melissa speaks one language, and Steven speaks 1.5.

[05:50] Many European people know at least 3-4 other languages.

[08:05] Sam said you need to immerse yourself in the culture and be willing to make mistakes.

[09:26] Alan would choose Spanish if he had to pick one.

[10:05] Alan is ethnically ambiguous, so people think he’s Spanish.

[11:06] Sam now teaches people languages, and also coaches people.

[11:30] Sam Alvarez has visited 26 countries, and lived in 11 of them. Currently living in Chang Mai right now.

[12:45] Sam’s worst job was an accounting job. She threw herself into the world of accounting for a month.

[13:18] Alan was a buyer for a computer store, to an assistant, to a coordinator, and many many more before he even got into SEO.

[14:30] It’s important to know what is NOT for you.

[15:30] Melissa’s worst job ever: Retail during the holiday.

[17:18] Temp jobs that sucked.

[18:40] Steven’s various jobs in life, and his worst job.

[20:45] Steven only lasted at an agency for two weeks!

[21:45] Even the shitty jobs taught us something about ourselves.

[23:45] Do everything you can when you are starting out. Try it.

[24:45] When you get out of school, you may not want to do what you thought.

[25:30] Knowing what you love is really important, and sometimes hard to get.

[27:30] If you are willing to work for free, it shows you’re dedicated to the industry.

[28:15] Motivation through movement

[29:00] Sam Alvarez is cray-cray, but it’s our type of crazy!

[29:15] Sam’s links at in the bio.

[29:40] Don’t forget to connect with The Creative Hustler on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

[30:14] Check out Alan’s courses if you’re in San Diego!

[30:38] Please leave a review!

[30:52] Peace out, Creative Hustlers!

[30:57] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Sam Alvarez:

FB Page

LinkedIn Profile




Jan 9, 2018

What’s up Creative Hustlers! Today, Steven & Melissa interview Samantha Alvarez, the Creative Hustler who is trying to help people achieve stable income while becoming their best self!


[00:29] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:32] Today we’re interviewing Samantha Alvarez.

[01:03] Ready to get hustling, Samantha?

[01:29] What makes Samantha a Creative Hustler!

[02:03] Samantha loves trying out new things.

[02:43] Samantha has had 63 different jobs, and speaks 8 languages.

[04:00] Samantha learned portuguese in 6 weeks.

[04:45] Samantha’s advice to someone learning a new language.

[05:16] Make it emotional and make it relevant.

[06:26] Instead of learning complex grammar, learn the phrases you use everyday.

[07:19] The meaning behind Latin & Code

[07:37] How Samantha approaches language is how she approaches life.
[08:23] Where does Samantha’s fire come from?!

[09:45] Learning a language, or working isn’t easy, but when you are excited about it, it’s easier.

[10:13] The optimal state of flow.

[10:53] What Samantha does to get OUT of a funk.

[11:07] Samantha lives her life in relationships, and solves problems with relationships.

[12:11] Live your life in service.

[13:45] Be transparent to your team, and vocalize your struggles.

[14:09] Worst job: Samantha was an account for a month, without any experience.

[15:45] Best Job: Coaching people, one on one.

[17:00] We don’t usually have someone in our lives who’s willing to be there for you 100% and call you out on your shit.

[18:25] Sometimes the nomad lifestyle is not glamorous.

[19:00] Biggest challenge in Nomad life is disillusionment.

[19:55] Another challenge is finding what aligns with you.

[22:00] Understanding your boundaries is important.

[23:20] Find ONE thing to do every day. Sam does SELF-CARE every day.

[23:50] Work hard, play hard and have clear boundaries.

[24:40] Sam is excited by an annual plan for productivity.

[26:00] If you don’t have any sales, you don’t have a business.

[27:20] Sam would love to be able to serve much more people fully.

[28:22] Having a value ladder is very important for coaching!

[29:06] Sam would choose a green smoothie with Marie Forleo.

[31:00] How has traveling and speaking 8 languages impacted Sam’s entrepreneur journey.

[34:35] Where Sam Alvarez lives on the internet!

[35:00] Find the Creative Hustler on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and leave a review!

[35:26] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!

Contact Sam Alvarez:

FB Page

LinkedIn Profile



Jan 4, 2018

Today on The Creative Hustler, Steven & Melissa interview Salvo Fallica from Impact HUB Siracusa.

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers?

[01:00] Shout out to the other Christmas episode!

[01:25] Some interviews with members of Impact Hub Siracusa!

[02:25] Shout out to some December birthdays! Happy Birthday Bill and Alicia.

[03:40] Back with Salvo Fallica, director at Impact Hub.

[04:10] Quick rundown of what Salvo does at Impact Hub!

[05:05] How do you make your creativity functional and make money off of it?

[05:20] Impact Hub works as strategy consultants with small enterprises.

[06:00] Impact Hub is there to inspire people.

[06:20] It’s important to know your value proposition.

[07:10] Why you should read “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

[07:45] Impact Hub is a HUB in the true meaning.

[08:14] We pass value to the people in our community, and find allies at the HUB.

[08:54] Do all Impact Hubs run the same way?

[09:20] Why one of Impact Hub Siracusa mottos: Locally rooted, Globally connected.

[09:25] Each Impact Hub is different from each other, because of location. Find out the significance of Impact HUB here in Siracusa.

[10:20] If you manage to position yourself in what the territory can offer you, you can make impact.

[11:00] Impact Hub shares common values: trust, courage and collaboration and the focus on social innovation.

[11:37] Where does Salvo’s inspiration for running Impact Hub come from?

[12:30] Impact Hub faces many different challenges.

[13:17] What Creative Hustler Salvo would have a glass of wine with….

[14:02] Steven’s Creative Hustler is Archimedes.

[14:23] Salvo would meet with Simon Sinek.

[15:30] Another of Salvo’s favorite Creative Hustlers: Hideo Kojima

[16:37] Where to find Salvo Fallica on the internet.

[17:50] Steven doesn’t want to leave Impact Hub Siracusa.

[18:15] Make sure to check out Impact Hub Siracusa, and connect with Facebook!

[18:33] Join Siracusa’s Digital Nomad program.

[19:13] That’s a Wrap, Creative Hustlers!

[19:25] Don’t forget to check us out at TheCreativeHustler, Latin & Code, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now YouTube!

[19:55] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Impact HUB Siracusa Sicily

Impact HUB Insta

Impact HUB FB

Dec 30, 2017

What’s up, Creative Hustlers! Today’s podcast is brought to you by Alan, along with Josh Roush at SoCal Marketing Club’s End of Year Bonanza with Seer Interactive and Skrewball! Check out some of the great guests, and big happenings while Steven & Melissa are in Sicily!


[00:34] What’s up Creative Hustlers! It’s a takeover!

[00:50] It’s Alan Bush and Josh Roush from Movetic!

[01:00] What’s the event about? What’s IDEA 1?

[01:27] Everyone here is so interconnected.

[01:51] This event is hosted by John Bertino, favorite of the Creative Hustler.

[02:00] The Agency Guy is a matchmaking service for agencies!

[02:49] Steve Yang from OB Noodle House & Bar 1502!

[03:57] Plus, Alex, the general manager of the OB Noodle House & OB Doughnut House, and Holding Company!

[04:35] New product alert: Reeses Pieces Saki!

[05:10] Josh partners with Alex & Steve for Skrewball! We do stuff no one else would do!

[06:15] OB Noodle House was on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, and then on Barmageddon!

[07:43] They won Barmageddon, and donated all $10,000 to OB Elementary, and forgot to cash actual check!!!

[09:20] The story behind Skrewball name!

[12:10] Inspiration strikes during late night times.

[12:50] Movetic is the perfect partner! Young, Creative and supportive!

[14:00] Steve hired his staff by knowing how goofy you can be, and that’s his approach to business. The perfect Skrewballs!

[16:30] Hoping to launch Spring 2018, to find the next best shot since Fireball! Skrewball is 35% alcohol, and a whiskey, plus it tastes great! A shot for all ages!

[20:00] If you want to try Skrewball, come to an OB Noodle House, and follow on Facebook for latest news!

[23:15] And.. here’s John Bertino! It’s his millionth appearance!

[24:00] John is owner of The Agency Guy (TAG), and one of the most well connected people Alan knows!

[24:32] Seer Interactive moved into this new place a week ago!

[24:49] John brought Ashley Ward who is a corporate speaker with SEMRush!

[25:48] John is about to start teaching at Drexel, USD and Alan teaches at UCSD.

[26:11] Ashley is going to as many event as possible to promote SEMRush, and teaching new tactics!

[27:00] What’s coming in 2018 for SEMRush! Just won 3 awards!

[27:57] SEMRush wants to make marketing easier for everyone!

[29:18] This was not planned, and SEMRush is not a sponsor, but they are just that good!

[30:05] Ashley will be back, when Steven & Melissa comes back!

[30:26] We miss you Steven & Melissa! Right now, we’re 3 blocks from the first The Creative Hustler studio! Cheers to you!

[31:00] Where to find Ashley Ward and SEMRush on the internet!

[32:10] Back to John Bertino!

[32:25] Check out John’s episode on The Creative Hustler. The Agency Guy is a matchmaking company for ideal client/brand with perfect marketing agencies & consultants.

[34:00] John Bertino helped Josh Roush build his company, and same for Alan!

[34:43] Some more info on tonight’s SoCal Marketing Club event!

[35:15] The history of the SoCal Marketing Club

[36:49] Steven & Melissa are having a blast, at their coworking space with pasta & wine lunches!

[37:20] And there’s the #MomentofItalian!

[39:20] Where to find John and SoCal Marketing Club on the internet!

[40:00] Who’s the modern day consumer and marketer? Everyone is more tech savvy now!

[42:14] Here’s Derek Heiny from Vulpine & his story!

[46:00] What does Vulpine do?

[48:18] You need to make sure you’re investing in the lifetime of your customer.

[49:13] 2018 for Vulpine is growing and moving into investing in ECommerce companies, plus chatbots!

[51:00] Vulpine is testing bigger projects in 2018.

[53:00] The abandon rate on eCommerce stores have taken advantage of chatbots, and micro touch points.

[54:15] Every year it’s proven that Marketing is accelerating in what you need to be doing, even planning one month away is too far!

[54:44] Derric’s advice to employing your own digital strategy!

[55:35] Go all in on one thing, and stick with it!

[54:55] You can become a SKILL on Amazon Alexa, and get into people’s daily briefing.

[53:19] Where you can find Derric and Vulpine on the internet!

[59:30] We’re here with Will Reynolds!

[59:37] By the time you publish a book, the shit is old!

[59:53] Will Reynolds is with Seer Interactive, a sponsor of the event, and this is their new space!

[01:00:16] Will is a regular fucking dude, but there are times when he takes a step back to be THANKFUL for how it happened! Today’s one of those days!

[01:01:50] Seer started in 2002, and Will still loves what he does, and it blows his mind.

[01:02:40] CEO & Founders today are all about Servant Leadership.

[01:03:05] How Seer Interactive takes time to get to know people and help them grow, but it is HARD!

[01:04:40] Dumb down marketing to this level of Human to Human interaction.

[01:05:10] Before Seer, Will came from a digital marketing background.

[01:06:35] Will doesn’t want to slow down the growth of the company, just to know everyone’s name.

[01:08:00] You gotta put more good into the world then you took out.

[01:08:20] In 2018, Seer will double this space and dominate, cause Will cares more than his competitors do.

[01:09:25] Just like Amazon, they didn’t care about making money in the short term, but now the OWN everything!

[01:10:10] Will’s advice to people getting started as a creative hustler. Be real to yourself, and put more good in the world then you take out!

[01:11:00] Will just wanted to make his parents proud. They sacrificed so much for him.

[01:12:40] If your mom was dying, would her last thought be “I’m proud of you”?

[01:14:55] Be real to yourself, so you can be real with others.

[01:15:44] If you want to find Will on the internet, google it (or look below!)

[01:16:09] That’s a Wrap Creative Hustlers! Thanks to everyone who joined us!

[01:16:45] Visit us at Facebook, The Creative Hustler, Latin & Code, and join our Facebook Group

[01:17:07] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




Josh Roush



Steve Yang & Alex - Owner & General Manager of OB Noodle Bar, and Skrewball Whiskey (Coming Spring 2018).


John Bertino


TWT: @theagencyguyinc

LI: John Bertino



Ashley Ward & SEMRush!



Derric Haynie & Vulpine Interactive



Will Reynolds & Seer Interactive

Dec 15, 2017

[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:20] Melissa is a member of founders society, and answers questions on a monthly basis.

[01:53] The idea of the imposter syndrome.

[02:00] What is imposter syndrome?

[02:25] Facebook, and the funk from comparing.

[03:25] Facebook is just a highlight reel, not real life!

[04:00] People don’t show all the failures to get to success.

[04:20] Success and failure is just an ebb & flow.

[04:40] You need to PIVOT your focus.

[05:06] Shout out to Sarah Hernholm at WIT!

[05:00] It’s not about what happens to us, it’s about the bounceback!

[05:25] You have two choice, you can doubt everything, or just accept the fact that everyone has felt worse in their journey then you!

[06:09] Tina Turner renounced american citizenship to live in Switzerland, and found more success there.

[07:25] The important thing to focus on is your long-term goals!

[08:00] You need to set your short-term goals to match up to your long-term goals!

[08:20] Are you taking on too many things and keeping busy, just thinking everything would be a success?

[09:03] Creating value is so important.

[09:20] It’s about nurturing the relationship with your tribe to be successful.

[10:20] Just being busy is taking away from your long-term goals!

[10:28] Peace out, Creative Hustlers!






The Creative Hustler Facebook Community


Dec 15, 2017

There’s a switch up here - Alan interviews Steven and Melissa on the latest happenings as they’ve been traveling through Europe for the past few months.


Take a listen to the ups, downs, breakthroughs, and inspiration coming in 2018!


[00:32] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steven, Melissa and Alan here.

[02:06] Switching it up, Alan will be interviewing Steven & Melissa!

[03:18] The most eye opening experience of the past 2 months since leaving San Diego!

[03:36] Steven & Melissa discuss their travels thus far.

[04:00] First, OpenEye Global Summit in Pittsburgh.

[05:30] From Jersey, to Rome, and then to a Italian class in Tuscany for Melissa!

[06:30] Steven grew up speaking italian at home!

[08:51] Montepulciano, little medieval town in Italy.

[09:46] Melissa recommends getting a car if you visit Italy.

[10:31] Steven & Melissa visited the roman baths in Bagno Vignoni!

[12:14] Melissa got a scholarship to an Italian school in Montepulciano!

[12:50] Gorgeous apartment and hanging with family north of Milan.

[13:05] Steven & Melissa became mentors for Bocconi University Entrepreneurship Club.

[13:40] Day one of the mentorship was less than exciting, but Day Two was uplifting.

[14:45] Getting to the heart of entrepreneurship, instead of just the ideal.

[16:00] Managing and scaling teams, when they are all in different places.

[16:50] Really great to hear their ideas, and see what they were concerned about.

[18:00] After redemption at Bocconi, the Creative Hustlers headed to Sardinia for the regatta!

[19:08] And then 9 days in Munich, Germany!

[19:33] Munich was great! Everything was clean, people were nice, the transportation was reliable. Diverse, urban, and interesting! Very livable city!

[21:19] The language barrier wasn’t an issue, and amazing Asian food in Munich!

[23:55] Living in major urban cities, you take for granted the wide variety of food and culture.

[25:10] 10 days of family travel with Steven’s family to visit their family roots, from Rome to Sicily, Messina, in Siracusa.

[26:00] Steven & Melissa are now residing in Siracusa for about 6 weeks.

[27:03] Working out of Impact Hub Siracusa in Sicily. It’s an awesome coworking spot, good size town, and great community.

[28:20] The pivot that The Creative Hustler will be undergoing!

[29:06] Transparent Moment: We tried to build a community on the quick, and shunned away from our actual money maker.

[29:45] The Creative Hustler Consultancy: Latin & Code.

[30:30] We’re going to start a lot of little fires, and see what extinguishes itself, and which grow!

[31:00] What grew for the Creative Hustler this year, and what allows us to do this podcast.

[32:30] Systems and behind the scenes

[32:58] Latin & Code is our main hustle, and we share our experience from there on the podcast.

[33:56] Even Alan needs to showcase his amazing marketing skills.

[34:33] We’re bringing more experts this year, recaps, and many more 3oz or Less episodes!

[34:50] We’re going to be giving you specific value with these 3oz or Less episodes, in small bites.

[36:48] Check out the the mini version of our Personal Branding e-course now available on Udemy! Under $20!

[37:09] Steven will be teaching at Drexel University (Here’s the Open Enrollment Page) in 2018, thanks to John Bertino, and Melissa will be doing a workshop on Email Marketing for SCORE.

[38:42] How Melissa & Steven get pumped up and inspired while traveling.

[39:07] They met a German rapper in Munich, and has some great music videos.

[40:00] Jamming to Jovanotti!

[41:42] The biggest challenge of this digital nomad lifestyle for Steven & Melissa...

[42:11] Wifi is always a challenge, and the electricity can be temperamental.

[43:00] We’re spoiled in America, here’s why!

[43:36] To turn back on the electricity, you have to run down 89 steps to flip the switch, and run back to flip the other switches.

[45:16] Restaurants open later

[46:40] It’s important to understand the schedule for the culture and organize your day.

[48:03] Lunch is a big deal in Siracusa especially at Impact Hub!

[48:50] One of the best things has been having the time to reflect and adjust.

[49:05] Advice for the challenging times.

[49:20] Be Adaptive!

[50:12] Be open! Deal with the charm.

[50:40] This city is very old, they have got this shit down!

[51:17] It’s centering to be around such old locations with Greek ruins and so much history

[53:40] Grab a coffee or pasta with any Creative Hustler throughout history……

[54:00] Steven chose Linguini and Clams with Archimedes, who’s also from Siracusa!

[54:50] He created many mathematical formulas we still use today.

[57:01] Melissa would chose cappuccino with Ellen Degeneres and wine with Tony Robbins!

[1:00:50] Here’s how to find Steven & Melissa on the internet!

[1:01:00] Please leave us a review! Preferably 5 stars!

[1:02:16] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers!

[1:02:23] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle!


Contact Steven and Melissa:

Nov 17, 2017

[Interview] Steven, Melissa, Alan and John Bertino do a catch up interview about the Creative Hustler season one!

[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:55] Joining us today is the more than famous, John Bertion.

[01:27] Steven & Melissa are going on a journey to Germany, and other places.

[01:50] Melissa & Steve will be listening to Journey, while on a journey to Germany.

[02:37] John Bertino was the FIRST Creative Hustler guest, almost 14 months ago!

[02:40] What’s been going on with John since Episode 2!

[03:20] John’s got a SoCal Marketing Club event, and you should join them!

[03:50] John opened a The Agency Guy office in the East Coast!

[04:16] Here’s a little about what The Agency Guy is!

[04:35] You can’t wear white socks.

[05:05] Surrounded by boxes, we’re ready to recap this amazing season!

[06:38] Hot Topic: Linkedin Metamorphosis

[07:13] Linkedin Pulse!

[07:30] How often are you posting on LinkedIn?

[08:14] Everyone is cramming B2B content on to LinkedIn, especially the upper level Execs.

[08:50] Should you get personal on LinkedIn, or conservative?

[09:40] If you’re over 25, you need to listen to this! You are too conservative.

[10:25] What is your story?

[11:20] Your thought pattern changes are you grow.

[12:10] You’ve got to push your professional identity.

[12:35] John Bertino’s example of LinkedIn content.

[13:30] What do you want to communicate with your brand?

[14:15] Don’t be the ME show.

[15:00] Corporate America will look at your social content to hire you.

[15:45] Younger people don’t know the contrast between their non-corporate jobs and how it actually used to be in corporate jobs.

[16:40] A few years ago, corporate jobs turned to crap, and that’s why we’re creative hustlers.

[17:10] One social network for the rest of your life...GO!

[17:40] Unless you’re blind, we all have to look at shit.

[18:20] Let’s discuss travel, and airplane bathrooms.

[19:30] Season 2 will be a lot more travel focused, and John’s travel tip.

[20:05] Travel Tip: Go to the bathroom right BEFORE they take the drink order.

[21:03] Travel Tip #2: Get an aisle seat if you’re always getting up.

[22:41] What’s everyone’s travel habits?

[23:10] Alan uses an iPod #OldSchool, and is a vampire, apparently.

[24:16] Travel Tip #3 for anyone who has motion sickness!

[24:40] What Melissa does on a 6 hour flight.

[25:49] Wine Break #MomentofItalian

[26:14] Melissa’s Read: “It’s a Fine Balance”

[27:49] How John Bertino travels, and what he orders to drink.

[29:30] John always buys the awful WiFi on the plane, and uses computer the whole time.

[30:50] Shout out to Spotify Offline Playlist.

[31:28] Shout out to Mike Gonsalves move!

[32:00] Is being a Marketer dead?

[33:00] Is Marketing as we know it dead?

[34:00] So many channels, so many growth hacks. #Overwhelm

[35:00] Ideology, branding, experience will never die.

[35:30]  Let’s talk Crowded Top Funnel.

[36:00] How do you limit your top funnel strategy? Go to your audience.

[37:10] Best practices to determine your persona and audience

[37:50] Focus on keywords: what do you do, who do you sell to

[38:23] Apologies for the water discussion!

[39:00] Who are you selling to, and who is ACTUALLY buying your product.

[40:20] If your mobile is not optimized, call us.

[40:55] Quick anecdote from John on british accents in Marketing.

[41:00] The value of the british accent in Marketing.

[44:50] Shout out to Lee Jackson who knows we love british accents!

[46:00] Boston people have accents and mumble are confusing!

[46:30] Thanks to YOU Creative Hustlers! Here’s to Season 1, and going into Season 2!

[47:30] Join the Facebook Community, and connect with us on our website!

[47:40] Shout out to Joseph Kennedy as well!

[47:50] Find us on social media, and leave a review!

[48:12] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Info for John:

John Bertino LinkedIn:

The Agency Guy Website:

Nov 9, 2017

[Live] LIVE episode from SoCal Marketing Club: How to Scale Your E-Commerce Business Like a Badass With John Bertino, Alan Bush, Steven Picanza, and Melissa Rautenberg! We’re having a blast!


[00:30] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:00] Biggie isn’t overrated…

[01:13] Live at the Loading Dock in Little Italy, in SoCal.

[01:30] This is John’s first event on his own!

[02:35] Got to chat with Josh Fechter!

[02:40] You need to join Josh’s Facebook group!

[03:30] Here’s the Interview with Josh Fechter!

[04:00] So what is Growth Hacking and BAMF Media?

[05:00] BAMF Media was built to handle clients.

[05:21] What clients for BAMF Media look like…

[06:10] Josh growth hacked his way to Mark Zuckerberg.

[06:50] Facebook’s Developer Conference in Chicago!

[07:20] Facebook is actually running a Facebook Test Group for admins of Big Facebook Groups!

[07:58] What’s in store for Live SoCal Marketing event!

[08:05] Some of the interviews of the night: Caden from CPC Strategy,and Nathan from Sourcify.

[08:50] Where you can find Josh on the internet!

[09:30] Look for Josh on a future episode, hopefully!

[10:15] Steven was serious about if Josh could take down Zuckerberg.

[10:54] The next interview we had was Brian Lischer!

[11:17] Brian is great at Business to Business branding.

[11:50] It’s almost like Barbalicious!

[12:15] Brian is really cerebral, and very into psychology, mythology and culture.

[12:27] Brian is a really unique interview from the crowd at the event.

[12:50] It’s all about the internal brand!

[13:05] It’s the interview with Brian Lischer!

[13:30] Brian works at Ignyte, and Alan works with Ignite Visibility.

[14:08] What Brian does, and why Ignyte is different!

[14:50] It’s getting to the essence of the brand, and rebuilding around that.

[15:26] Branding is expensive but a LOT goes into it.

[16:03] It’s going to cost more to do a REBRAND wrong!

[16:33] Why Ignyte is different from others.

[16:55] The external brand is only ONE SIDE of the coin!

[17:40] For some companies, it’s about experience in store, and when calling support!

[18:49] Educating people on TRUE branding.

[19:05] What BRANDING is NOT!

[19:20] The craziest thing about branding…

[19:59] Branding is just chemicals in the brain.

[20:25] Brian just did a workshop in New York figuring out their Brand Archetype.

[20:57] Where you can find Brian and Ignyte on the internet!

[21:33] Tons of value at the SoCal Marketing event.

[22:12] Well done to John Bertino for the event!

[22:40] Some of the great speakers on the panel.

[23:27] Moderating a panel is hard work.

[24:40] Open mixer with SoCal Marketing Club for Entrepreneurs in San Diego.Stay Tuned for details!

[25:50] Where John and the So Cal Marketing Club live on the internet!

[26:28] John Bertino is always on the show.

[26:57] Peace Out, Creative Hustlers

[27:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle

Contact Info for Interviewees:


Josh Fechter Co-Founder BAMF Media  



Brian Lischer - CEO Ignyte Brands



John Bertino

Oct 19, 2017

[00:30] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:40] Up next, virtual studio!

[01:17] The last episode in the Creative Hustler studio.

[01:35] The Creative Hustler is a part of the mile high club.

[02:13] This episode is a recap of the past year and a look ahead.

[02:50] Melissa needed to start a podcast ASAP.

[03:40] What is meta? Is it metro?

[04:40] Shout out to Lee Jackson!

[05:25] Check out WP Innovators on Facebook!

[06:05] Lee Jackson had to buy a new suit, and dress shoes are hard to pack.

[06:50] Lee randomly sat next to Melissa, and boom! The Creative Hustler launched.

[07:40] Lee helped with The Agency Guy site as well!

[08:20] The first guest, John Bertino, became a recurring refrain on the show.

[09:05] The Creative Hustler is on 70+ episodes and heading on the road to Italy.

[10:00] Unofficial season 1, and see if we’re getting renewed for season 2.

[10:30] The Creative Hustler has brought the right people to the show.

[11:18] The recap episodes are really a dinner party, and we throw a podcast.

[11:45] The Creative Hustler is the pinata.

[12:15] Maybe we’ll do it from a hot tub... We’re leveling up.

[13:10] We’ve been doing two episodes a week, pretty much alone for a year.

[13:44]  Shout out to Cianna for the show notes! We’re in a groove now!

[14:28] Go to Facebook and follow The Creative Hustler, and join the group!

[15:30] We’re trying to fund this giant eco-system of creatives, and we’re leveling up.

[16:10] Let’s hit a block and get a mushroom out of it!

[17:00] So, where are we going with this??

[17:14] New format! Every other week is Interview/Recap, and then 3oz or less the next week!

[17:26] Melissa & Steven argue about the size of Italy and their travels.

[18:00] Alan is ready to look at Steve & Melissa digitally.

[18:29] Every recap is celebrating the Creative Hustler lifestyle.

[18:50] We’re hoping to meet up with Joseph Kennedy, Barbalicious, and some other Creative Hustlers.

[19:50] We were just taking a chance and doing these things.

[20:10] We need Alan’s dad on the show.

[20:28] Season two is about The Creative Hustler’s journey.

[21:00] THANK YOU to the listeners that have been here since the beginning.

[21:55] We’re doing a live show on Facebook! Check it out!

[22:50] Steven’s life changed when he learned about growth hacking.

[23:30] Surrounded by boxes, we had an awesome first season.

[23:52] Don’t miss our going away party’s recap!

[24:26] Here’s your #momentofitalian: Our party is in Little Italy

[24:42] Shout out to Mitch! He did the episode!

[25:09] We love you! Find us on all the social networks! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our website!

[25:36] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Oct 5, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan & Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode featuring Maresa Friedman. Maresa, or as she is known to many The Executive Cat Herder, is a high energy, higher impact business consultant focused on giving companies, (and entrepreneurs) the tools they need to reach goals they didn't even consider to be attainable.


[00:30] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:55] Today we’re recapping Maresa Friedman.

[01:25] Another in-person podcast episode.

[02:13] Great security at the Scale Matrix & Launch Center.

[03:00] The in-person episode worked out well.

[03:16] Maresa is The Executive Cat Herder.

[04:00] She herds executives, she’s a hired gun.

[04:40] Maresa is kinda an efficiency expert.

[04:55] Melissa & Steve did something similar in the past.

[05:30] When there’s so many people and processes, it’s definitely like herding cats.

[05:55] Cats don’t listen well, and they’ll do it when they feel like it.

[06:20] You don’t hold up a goal, and people come running.

[07:00] What Maresa really does.

[07:40] Maresa connects celebrities to brands, and brands to celebrities.

[08:00] She’s got celebrities in her back pocket, because she’s got cats.

[08:33] Maresa is efficient with brands and celebrities.

[09:00] She’s not pimping out Usher.

[09:15] Why Steve chose Usher.

[10:10] Why Maresa is successful with celebrities and brands.

[10:20] Business improv classes

[10:30] Hot potato in Alan’s corner now.

[11:00] When Alan’s randomness in class is beneficial.

[11:17] What is business improv?

[12:30] Having business improv training helps you when you’re caught off guard.

[13:30] Melissa switched her mind from bartender to business, and now trying to balance the two.

[14:30] You can’t throw your colleague under the bus.

[14:55] Toastmasters isn’t just giving speeches, but also getting over stage fright.

[15:40] Topics master picks people to read a question, and then answer it.

[16:50] The first time Steven came to toastmasters.

[18:05] Melissa asked Steven to come up on stage and speak.

[19:00] Steven’s question was, “If you could one wish for someone in this room, what would it be?”

[19:48] The speaker before had to do for himself first, and was in a rough time so Steven wished him to get his shit together.

[21:00] Steven was actually nervous during this speech.

[21:40] What’s a pregnant pause?

[22:28] If Steven & Melissa weren’t leaving in a few weeks, Steven would join a toastmasters group.

[24:00] Steven & his old partner did improv together.

[24:35] Sometimes having improv training can make it over-salesy.

[25:40] You need skills for speaking on your feet.

[26:30] People can know their audience SO well they script their audience.

[27:40] Steven improv’d a whole play in Spanish.

[28:10] Maresa said, “I will give you my time, if you give me your focus.”

[28:55] There’s a lot of people who reach out, but they don’t give any focus.

[29:28] People ask for advice, but they don’t really want it - Melissa’s example.

[30:00] Shout out to Mike Gonsalves, about not being committed because their MIND wasn’t in the right place.

[31:25] Where’d the third person come from?

[32:30] Excuses, excuses, and unsolicited advice.

[33:15] There’s an infographic about the amount of clients that take Alan’s advice, vs. the people who make excuses.

[34:00] Consider me a team member, and just consider my advice!

[34:53] If I give you my time, you HAVE to give me your focus! You’re going to get unsolicited advice.

[35:46] If you come to Melissa, you’re gonna get the action you might not be ready for.

[37:10] It was like herding cats throughout this whole episode!

[37:35] Sometimes you forget about the spiritual side of the business.

[38:00] Join the Life-Changing Facebook Group!

[38:45] All Maresa’s info is in the show notes!

[39:00] Leave reviews & connect with us!

[39:44] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle







Oct 3, 2017

[Interview] Steven & Melissa interview Maresa Friedman. Maresa, or as she is known to many The Executive Cat Herder, is a high energy, higher impact business consultant focused on giving companies, (and entrepreneurs) the tools they need to reach goals they didn't even consider to be attainable.


[00:48] What’s Up Maresa. Ready to get hustling?

[00:58] This interview is done on location at Scale Matrix & Launch Center!

[01:29] More about Maresa and her #CreativeHustler ways.

[02:00] Done is better than perfect. #AnalysisParalysis

[02:50] People with content worse then yours are making money.

[03:05] What is an executive cat herder?

[04:10] Maresa is able to talk to everyone the best way they respond to.

[04:30] What Maresa actually does!

[05:00] Maresa can find celebrity endorsement, improve lead gen, adjust brand strategy, and so much more.

[05:40] She can guarantee income growth in 90 days if people LISTEN.

[05:50] Her goal is to create ACCOUNTABILITY.

[06:30] Marketing is coming back to wanting to buy from people they LIKE!

[06:55] A product endorsed by someone they trust, makes people want to check them out.

[07:19] Cat herding comes down to 3 things: People, process and technology.

[07:30] Who do you have, what processes are in place, and what technology do you have?

[08:15] Did you invest your life savings into your company, to just be poor?

[08:30] The world cannot support that many ballerinas.

[09:07] What was Maresa’s inspiration for getting into this industry.

[10:00] Maresa was a computer nerd, and an excess talker!

[10:35] Specialized people are having trouble finding their niche.

[11:00] Why working in a Bank helps you learn to work with people.

[12:30] A one point, Maresa’s only job was to keep everyone happy.

[13:00] Maresa has a genuine interest in people, but doesn’t like to be attacked by business cards.

[14:00] It’s gotta be a mindset shift for quality of quantity.

[14:20] Dave’s Networking for Nice People!

[14:48] Maresa took a business improv course, and it was the best course she’s ever taken.

[15:53] Maresa has “playground dominance” she doesn’t break eye contact first.

[16:52] Maresa is actually an introvert, and it takes a lot of effort to go out.

[17:36] Don’t have a conversation while looking over your shoulder for someone else to talk to.

[18:07] No one is against you, they are just for themselves.

[18:27] 15% of Maresa’s business is working with start ups!

[19:03] It’s like going out with a woman who wants to settle down right away.

[19:33] We all need to think about listening more then we talk.

[19:58] We have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

[20:23] Just because you’re online doesn’t mean you can’t have purposeful communication.

[21:16] The trend in dating is to meet in person and talk.

[21:42] Maresa is all in for her lifestyle, and her inspiration comes from her parents.

[22:46] You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, however, you can put salt in his oats to make him thirsty.

[23:50] Maresa could have excuses but she prioritizes things to make her life work.

[24:20] The lifestyle may not be glamourous, but it’s worth it.

[25:10] Social media captures the highlights, and it’s not real life.

[25:40] Maresa’s daughter wants to be a freelance dolphin trainer, and librarian.

[26:15] How Maresa gets motivated on a bad day.

[26:40] Maresa sets a timer for 10 minutes to cry over herself, and move on.

[28:40] Give yourself time to be excited, and then move on.

[29:15] Embrace your feelings, but put a box around them.

[30:10] Maresa puts a “Day of Nothing” on her calender.

[30:42] You’re not a heart surgeon, you not under that much pressure.

[31:08] The most challenging part of Maresa’s lifestyle is sacrificing things she doesn’t want to.

[32:15] When it goes well, you need to pick and choose want you want to do to be there for the moments that matter.

[33:25] Sometimes you can be brilliant at business, but failing at life.

[33:53] Maresa says YES to things that do not make any sense.

[34:21] You need to put a box around the things you want to do.

[34:56] Sometimes you look back and think, I should’ve taken that opportunity.

[35:50] If you have to pay others to work, you need to reevaluate your business.

[37:09] There’s a balance of evaluating your opportunities.

[38:18] Having a dialogue as an owner, and decide opportunities as a group.

[39:15] There’s a lot of hand holding in some opportunities.

[40:00] I will give you my time, but you need to give me your focus.

[40:45] You get what you get.

[41:03] Maresa’s #CreativeHustler would be Zig Ziglar, from Amway.

[42:22] Amway was around for a long time, but they missed the mark for marketing.

[42:57] There will never be a problem surrounding yourself with positive people.

[43:00] Maresa has no issues with MLMers!

[45:00] Do you like coke or pepsi? People either feel very strongly about one or the other.

[45:50] The power of branding in soda.

[47:00]  Traveling has helped Maresa recognize opportunities in industries she’d never thought of.

[50:20] We’re all selling something, let’s be honest.

[51:58] Where Maresa lives on the internet

[53:19] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle








Sep 21, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Thais Lopes. Thais is a creativity and mindset coach who helps women who may be struggling to achieve success by helping them with their mindset, belief systems, and thoughts, as well as finding their inner-creativity.


[00:00] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:29] Welcome to Thursday!

[00:46] Recapping Thais Lopez, our color theory & branding ninja!

[01:00] Thais hustled Steven, and put herself in a position to show up!

[01:40] Introvert & Extrovert together

[02:15] Alan was a shy kid but used creativity to get over it.

[03:00] You need to find what your release point is.

[04:11] How are you going to become friends with your anxiety?

[04:55] Anxiety is actually really self-centered, it’s all “me, me, me”

[06:00] Your outward personality is very different than your inward personality.

[07:00] You are pushing yourself because you had deadlines.

[08:30] We’ll meet halfway.

[09:00] Steve was going to graduate with a music degree.

[09:45] Google it right now, “autistic children who drum”

[10:15] Thais opening on color theory and branding.

[10:25] Thais quit teaching, and now she’s a full-time coach for women.

[11:00] She’s qualified by going through it herself.

[11:20] Color theory from a brand perspective.

[12:00] Knowing what color signifies in your brand.

[12:40] Yellow & Red spark hunger, so check out fast food logos.

[13:00] There’s a reason why Apple looks sleek.

[14:10] Orange is a really cool for color theory.

[15:30] What about different tones of red & blue?

[16:22] Start-ups use a lot of light blues.

[17:20] Some color cars are worth more as a trade-in.

[17:50] You can’t just jump to colors and logos first.

[18:50] Sometimes we like a shade, but it doesn’t align with our brand.

[19:30] It’s not about you, it’s about what your customers want.

[20:00] Melissa is not a part of the “Just for Men” conversation.

[20:45] We’re trying to build you a brand, not an Ego Diorama.

[21:23] Join Thais’s private Facebook Group!

[22:00] It’s not all just colors, it’s also fonts!

[23:00] Paragraph fonts are so important.

[23:30] The Creative Hustler graphics have changed!

[24:22] Go to Thais’s Website, and click on “Community”

[25:22] Download Thais’s Ultimate Guide to Color Theory for Branding from her website!

[25:50] There are so many psychology majors in the room.

[26:20] People with a psychology degree can go into Marketing.

[26:55] Alan was supposed to be a doctor…

[27:10] Leave us a review on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play

[27:20] Join our kick-ass Facebook community.

[27:53] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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Sep 19, 2017

[Interview] What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here. Today we’ll be talking with Thais Lopes. She’s a creativity and mindset coach who helps women who may be struggling to achieve success by helping them with their mindset, beliefs systems and thoughts, as well as finding their inner-creativity.


[00:49] What’s Up Thais. Ready to get hustling?

[01:28] Why Thais is a #CreativeHustler

[02:30] From Creativity & Anxiety to #GirlBoss

[03:10] Thais taught for 2 years in the public school system as well..

[03:45] Found a balance between working at a children’s museum and creativity & mindset coach!

[04:09] Steven’s change from teaching music to musical therapy.

[04:53] How Thais brings creativity & mindset into her client’s lives.

[06:00] Thais doesn’t have a degree in mindset, but she knows how to do it, because she has gone through it.

[06:50] Steven has a life coach who prescribed him dots, in lieu of meditation.

[07:30] Thais loves using coloring as her meditation.

[09:30] It’s not practice makes perfect, but practice makes progress.

[10:05] Life happens and we need to find a way to make it work for us.

[10:55] Get yourself out of the pattern and find out what brings you joy.

[11:48] You are judging yourself so hard you aren’t letting yourself practice.

[13:15] Thais inspiration for her coaching business comes from personal experience.

[14:25] You don’t always need the newest things, you can find your own happiness in the things you love.

[15:22] Thais enjoyment does not come from outside herself, it comes from within.

[16:20] The simplest form of enjoyment

[17:30] How much color plays a part in our lives, and what color theory really is!

[19:30] How color and branding go together.

[20:55] Blue is the most popular color, for a reason.

[21:50] Every detail in the branding process is on purpose.

[23:05] Thais just started coaching this year, but she’s been studying it for years.

[24:00] Thais focuses on women because she feels that women need to be empowered more.

[26:20] Owning your niche is important because you need to know who you relate to.

[28:10] The biggest challenge of the #CreativeHustler lifestyle for Thais is the money!

[29:00] The Creative Hustlers are jumping off a cliff and building a parachute on the way down together.

[30:00] Job security isn’t a thing anymore, except you are your own job security.

[31:30] Thais has her Confident Creators Facebook Group! Come check it out and learn about color theory.

[32:55] The great thing about Canva.

[34:00] Why should we shoot each other day as entrepreneurs when we can hold hands and make a bigger parachute.

[34:55] Millennials value different things than other generations.

[36:00] The older generation tries to teach the younger generation: Unity for everyone.

[37:05] Sometimes we need to ask for advice and help, and screw our pride.

[38:00] Focus only on what will work for YOU and your business.

[39:30] Human beings have that “highlight reel” comparison.

[40:15] The real power is within.

[40:30] The #CreativeHustler in history that Thais would choose… Shakespeare.

[44:40] Thais would have a tea time with Shakespeare.

[46:00] Thais was understanding & enjoying Shakespeare in high school.

[47:00] Thais had a mask to help her with her anxiety.

[49:00] We need to nurture children, and not expect perfection.

[50:00] Our little ones need to experience so many different things to decide what THEY are good at.

[51:35] It is okay to do things that society says is not okay! (Obviously, within reason ;)

[52:49] Where you can find Thais on the internet

[54:03] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Sep 14, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Tom Schwab. Tom is the founder of Interview Valet, which helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs get featured on leading podcasts… Like ours.


[00:38] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[01:00] Today we’re recapping Tom Schwab’s episode, no relation to Charles Schwab!

[02:35] All roads lead to John Bertino.

[03:00] What is Interview Valet?

[04:00] There’s a lot of work to a podcast. 80% die in the first 10 episodes.

[04:45] The Creative Hustler is creeping up on 75 episodes!

[05:18] Interview Valet is podcast crack.

[06:40] The Creative Hustler was lucky to have lines of guests.

[07:10] If you’re not leveraging Facebook groups (Especially OUR group), what the hell are you doing?

[08:30] The flow of businesses, many people don’t remember the 2008 crash.

[09:13] Tom was a middleman, who lost his job, was able to bounce back.

[09:35] The Creative Hustler bar, coming soon.

[10:00] The process for inbound marketing, or podcast marketing is process driven.

[10:20] Not all podcasts are the same.

[11:00] Interview Valet helps get you interviews, or get YOU interviewed.

[11:55] If you want to be interviewed, get a One-Sheet!

[12:23] Melissa will be featured on Auguste Crenshaw’s “Real Women Don’t Bitch” summit on September 26th!

[12:54] The shit that happened to you doesn’t condemn you, it qualifies you - idea behind the “Real Women Don’t Bitch” summit.

[13:44] Melissa’s topic deals with a false sense of confidence, and being hard on the outside.

[14:00] Knowing your topics, and what your interviewees can talk about is important.

[14:46] Your One-Sheet is your electronic press kit, all in one.

[15:56] The Creative Hustler loves Canva!

[16:15] If you would like a Creative Hustler special on canva, let us know!

[16:39] Go to ← He’s got free gifts for you!

[17:13] Tom broke his cardinal rule! Turn your phone off!

[18:01] Really important to being prepare for a podcast.

[18:15] There’s 3 free gifts on Tom’s site for you! Check list, 3 secrets to getting booked, and more!

[18:51] There’s gotta be a ritual before you perform, even as a podcast.

[20:00] Mike Gonsalves is a big proponent of standing during an interview.

[20:27] Commotion creates emotion!

[21:20] You get focused when you have a motion.

[21:45] Melissa’s pink ball of fun (Melissa had to take it away from Steven).

[22:00] If you have this video, you win a prize!

[22:30] Alan is going to take “Melissa’s pink ball of fun” and hiring a Melissa!

[22:57] Tom mentioned apple’s impending announcement of podcast analytics.

[23:30] Podcasts have been apple’s red-headed step-child.

[23:50] Shout out to Kevin & Laura Fleming on their baby! Come get on the show!

[24:24] There’s not enough info to focus on a specific part of the podcast to improve.

[25:00] Patrick Stiles - vidalytics, now for podcasts!

[25:20] As a marketer, we want to know these things!

[25:47] Knowing a specific details about people who listen to our podcast is needed.

[26:10] Next generation of podcasts will include big data.

[27:00] It’s not captive, because people skip the advertisements if you are putting it at beginning.

[27:30] Doing commercials natively will make people keep listening.

[27:55] What does work is having amazing guests, and great recaps!

[28:39] Join our Facebook Group! The Creative Hustler Community!

[29:00] Leave us a review on itunes, google play, and anywhere else!

[29:24] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle


Contact Tom Schwab:

Find everything you need:

Sep 12, 2017

[Interview] What’s Up, Creative Hustlers! Steve & Melissa interview Tom Schwab. Tom is the founder of Interview Valet, which helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and soloprenuers get featured on leading podcasts… Like ours  

[00:45] What’s Up Tom. Ready to get hustling?

[01:10] Tom is the engineering mind meeting the creativity side as a #CreativeHustler

[02:00] Tom doesn’t count the days because he loves what he is doing.

[02:50] Tom went from Nuclear Power to Entrepreneurship.

[03:57] The moment Tom realized he wanted to make the jump!

[04:40] He realized the industry changed, he had done the fun stuff.

[05:50] Your stability and job security come from your ability to produce.

[06:30] Just by hustling, I’ve got more job security than someone in corporate America.

[07:30] There’s no work/ life balance, it’s all merged together.

[08:00] Tom looked in the mirror and saw, I’m the middle man, and what next?

[08:20] Tom was one of the first customers of the guys who created HubSpot.

[09:10] Blogs weren’t working, but podcast were taken off…

[10:00] Guest blogging has turned into podcast guesting.

[10:50] In 2015, Tom took Interview Valet into beta.

[11:15] If you have a system, and it works, then there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel.

[12:30] Tom has a checklist of things to do before a podcast video, but you don’t want other people’s problems. Think first.

[13:50] Define the process, and then RE-define the process.

[14:40] Being creative doesn’t mean you need to invent it from the very beginning.

[15:14] What Interview Valet actually does.

[16:20] Nothing ruins your credibility more than saying “Hello Columbus” when you’re in Cleveland

[17:00] When an interviewee can’t answer the question that is always asked, it causes them to show that they aren’t a listener of the podcast.

[18:15] What helps keep Tom on fire and hustling is MEETING people and making introductions!

[19:16] John Bertino comes up again. 6 Degrees of John Bertino.

[19:50] Tom gets himself OUT of the funk is getting himself OUT of the house! Reach out to someone for perspective.

[21:19] Melissa has to take Steven for a walk like a pet!

[22:10] When Tom goes out, he likes to explore because he’s more creative outside doing things.

[23:00] Tom & his wife go to a different city for a week and work from there.

[24:20] Travel allows you to look at the world with eyes of wonder.

[25:30] Steven & Melissa’s Italian Adventure!

[26:29] Networking in another country creates sympathy, empathy and creativity.

[27:00] Really, no matter what, There is NO better time to be alive.

[27:40] 40% of Americans are listening to podcasts.

[29:00] Mic issues interrupt the discussion

[29:25] Tom is really excited about the announcement from Apple about podcasts.

[30:35] Podcast analytics: If you know what’s wrong, you can fix it.

[33:00] So few people know what the “pod” in podcast stands for.

[34:00] You have to be paying attention for video, but you can have audio while doing other things.

[35:00] Tom has been on podcasts since 2013, but doesn’t have his own YET.

[35:30] 80% of podcasts die within the first 10 episodes.

[36:10] Moments of breakdown for podcast hosts.

[37:02] Podcasts are the ultimate way to invite people to your party or show up to their party with a handle of Tito’s.

[37:50] Consistency is what sets The Creative Hustler apart from others.

[38:47] You can work the podcast interviews around your life, but hosting is a commitment.

[40:24] Tom is a coffee achiever and would grab one with his dad.

[41:10] Tom’s dad taught him what it was to be creative, and how to hustle.

[41:55] Tom loves hazelnut and Cuban coffee.

[42:53] Steven turned Melissa into a coffee snob.

[44:00] Melissa was a tea person or an extra sugary vanilla coolatta.

[45:39] The crash of 2008, and how nothing is promised to you.

[47:46] People are living longer, and industries are changing much quicker now.

[49:56] Tom lives in Michigan, but he feels that the only way you bear fruit in your life is to be cross pollinated by travel and experience.

[53:00] The richness of your life is relationships.

[53:20] If you want to be cultured, get an internet connection.

[53:51] Where Tom lives on the internet

[54:58] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Find everything you need:

Aug 31, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Melissa and Alan recap Tuesday’s episode with Patrick Siles.  Patrick’s a serial-entrepreneur whose most recent business, vid-alytics, is a video platform that host and streams videos on your website while also collecting powerful analytics for marketers.



[00:00] What’s up, Creative Hustlers!

[00:30] Happy Birthday to Melissa!

[01:00] How do you pick your ice cream cone?

[01:43] Tuesday was with serial-ass entrepreneur Patrick Siles.

[02:00] Patrick came to us from Hawk Mikado.

[02:50] The story how Patrick became an entrepreneur.

[03:25] Last Minutes Inc.

[03:40] Patrick started over 7 different companies.

[04:14] Patrick’s first success was in supplements, but now he’s doing vid-alytics.

[05:00] Video is really a big part of marketing

[05:25] vid-alytics came from a need in the market for good analytics.

[06:11] Melissa really likes ice cream.

[06:26] Analytics are skewed for videos right now, but vid-alytics gives you specific video feedback.

[07:12] Why are you doing a 5-minute video if the majority only watch 1 minute?

[07:30] Start with video, and you can reverse engineer that into other content.

[07:50] Video is too complicated, so most people don’t have the time to do it.

[08:10] Today’s Moment of Italian

[08:30] The Creative Hustler was forced into being comfortable in front of the camera.

[09:10] Follow The Creative Hustler on Facebook to find out when we go live.

[09:28] In the digital world, the video is accepted, but business owners are more hesitant to do video.

[10:25] Shoutout to Auguste Crenshaw, Analysis Paralysis with video.

[10:48] If you have a lifestyle type of brand, get out there and go live!

[11:15] Incorporate your life into your live videos.

[12:00] Video is where it is at - how do you utilize analytics on videos?

[12:45] YouTube is saturated with a bunch of people trying to sell something.

[13:00] Melissa uses YouTube for the wings on her eyes.

[13:55] No matter what your #CreativeHustle is, you should be giving people a peek into your life.

[14:30] Patrick was a digital nomad.

[14:55] Bailey Richert and Patrick Siles both hit countries equal to their ages.

[15:35] Working with your spouse is awesome and challenging.

[16:00] Working with your spouse challenging your patience and communication, and sometimes you need space.

[16:40] Normally, Steven has a pot of coffee before 7:30 am.

[17:17] Sometimes it takes you awhile to understand how your spouse works.

[17:55] Sometimes you need to talk it out, and other times you need to focus.

[18:22] Patrick’s wife was working on captions for a Spanish Soap Opera, and Patrick needed help with admin stuff.

[19:00] It’s challenging to work with your spouse because you spend so much time with them.

[19:40] Patrick, do you speak Spanish?

[20:00] Struggle for #CreativeHustlers, all our good friends live far away.

[20:44] We’re all just a URL link away from a video conference.

[21:11] We could talk to Joseph Kennedy or John Bertino at any point.

[21:40] Lina Sanden is making an album with musicians from around the world.

[21:55] We’re able to create without borders.

[22:15] vid-alytics work with embed codes on your website only.

[23:15] Always put the videos on your website, because from SEO perspective you might rank.

[24:00] YouTube can get clients taken away from your brand.

[24:20] Always make sure you have an embed code that people can share on their website, with a link back to your site.

[25:00] I wonder if vid-alytics would get stats on videos installed on multiple pages.

[26:00] Hypothetically it should read analytics from multiple different websites.

[26:26] The most important video is that your page speed is fast enough because 2 minutes of delay can mean millions of dollars lost.

[27:30] Our podcast is hosted on LibSyn which then imports to our website so you don’t have to host the content on your website. This is important.

[28:25] WP Engine is where we moved our website to have more space.

[28:47] If you want to know about Alan’s plug in, tweet us, Facebook us, or email us!

[29:35] The Creative Hustler is about to embark on their journey!

[29:50] vid-alytics have free packages to start off with, light and pro!

[30:25] The Creative Hustler is inviting their listeners to follow along with their 4-month journey to different countries! All the little details will be shared so you can do it too!

[31:23] Many guests on The Creative Hustlers have lived the digital nomad life, and you can too!

[31:55] Check out the show notes for all the videos and links!

[32:00] Join our fucking Facebook group already!

[32:54] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle




Aug 30, 2017

What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.


Today we’ll be talking with Patrick Stiles. He’s a series-entrepreneur who’s most recent business, vid-alytics, is a video platform that host and streams videos on your website while also collecting powerful analytics for marketers.



[00:00:33] What’s up Creative Hustlers!

[00:00:35] Today’s guest is Patrick Stiles

[00:00:47] What's Up Patrick. Ready to get hustling?

[00:01:11] Why Patrick is a #CreativeHustler.

[00:01:30] In 2008, He was fires twice in a 6 month period!

[00:02:00] On June 2nd, he created his first business. Since then, he’s circled the globe.

[00:02:42] #CreativeHustler 101: Left a job, and 48 hours later you’ve got a new hustle.

[00:03:30] Naming a company is labor intensive.

[00:03:49] What vid-alytics does for the market!

[00:04:58] Using video tools that SUCKED caused Patrick’s eureka moment.

[00:05:38] If you’re a marketer trying to sell with video, vid-alytics is what you need.

[00:06:22] Is vid-alytics able to get analytics on any platform?

[00:07:00] Patrick is self-taught in websites, so he found a developer to help because YOU can’t do it ALL!

[00:07:52] Patrick hired a friend, lost $12,000 and had to fire him.

[00:08:27] Find people who PLAY at what you’re BAD at!

[00:09:16] You bring in the right people, and things start to work better!

[00:09:39] Patrick doesn’t like working!

[00:09:57] Find the book, Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters!

[00:10:15] There’s visionaries and implementers. You don’t need to be both.

[00:10:45] Patrick was a #digitalnomad who met his wife in Buenos Aires but she’s not from there.

[00:11:50] Patrick’s wife Erica moves to Buenos Aires at 21 alone.

[00:12:12] The Pope is Argentinian, but come from Italian roots.

[00:13:00] Steve’s first language is Italian.

[00:13:44] How Patrick and his wife work together in their business.

[00:14:16] Patrick & his brother started a trash company together, cause he’s the entrepreneur.

[00:14:57] How having your wife as your right-hand-woman effects Patrick’s entrepreneurial journey.

[00:16:00] Erica had a job coding subtitles for Spanish soap operas,and Patrick begged her to work with him.

[00:17:20] On the first week, Erica helped save him thousands of dollars on Bing ads.

[00:18:30] How do you deal with the intense moments when you are working with your partner.

[00:20:18] Patrick would NOT recommend working with your partner.

[00:21:40] When Steven & Melissa got together it was the Brady Bunch of businesses.

[00:22:14] Melissa believes that working with your spouse is ALL about patience, communication & space.

[00:22:50] Steven had to learn how to TURN OFF.

[00:23:45] Patrick & Erica give each other space, even though they spend tons of time together.

[00:24:49] Where does Patrick’s inspiration for being a serial entrepreneur come from?

[00:25:20] Patrick has seen many people who he thought would do great things never make it.

[00:26:50] Ride the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

[00:27:28] The biggest struggling is admitting you don’t know shit.

[00:28:00] A lesson from Good to Great by Jim Collins.

[00:28:19] Find the ugly bugs under the stone that is your business!

[00:28:58] Great quote from Elon Musk about entrepreneurship.

[00:29:25] The entrepreneurship depression is better as a couple.

[00:30:15] Entrepreneurship is slightly make it or break it.

[00:30:35] What’s your bounce back rate?

[00:31:03] How does Patrick get out of the Entrepreneurial dark place?

[00:33:15] Nothing good happens after midnight.

[00:33:50] Are you being busy or actually getting shit done?

[00:34:09] Patrick’s friend Ron recommended Essentialism by Greg McKeown to help avoid overload.

[00:35:03] Focus on the 3 things you NEED to get done FIRST!

[00:35:40] Patrick gave up on balance and moderation in his business.

[00:37:09] Patrick came back from a trip and quit everything but his online business.

[00:37:52] Patrick doesn’t give a SHIT, but he is NOT giving up!

[00:38:45] Patrick saw 30 countries before age 30!

[00:39:28] It’s okay if people are comfortable where they are, it’s just for them.

[00:40:29] Patrick is deeply discontent and it drives him to keep going.

[00:40:55] Patrick suggests “Becoming Steve Jobs” and “Losing my Virginity” as inspirational books.

[00:41:35] People are searching for freedom, and the lifestyle that comes with it.

[00:42:14] Patrick’s most challenging part of being a #CreativeHustler.

[00:44:12] Loneliness is a struggle for #CreativeHustlers.

[00:45:50] If being a millionaire was easy, everyone would do it.

[00:47:00] Patrick was fled from Bangkok flood, unplugged, and got an amazing idea to improve his business.

[00:48:30] If you GIVE UP, you’re guaranteed to lose.

[00:49:20] No matter what happened, the journey was worth it.

[00:50:25] It’s never too early to beef up your eulogy.

[00:51:19] Patrick is most alive when he’s chasing a goal.

[00:52:00] Even with 10 million dollars, Patrick cannot just coast.

[00:52:29] Don’t attract tons of pain and suffering, just adjust where you are.

[00:53:47] Patrick would be a pony.

[00:54:00] Patrick would get a drink with Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

[00:54:30] We can learn about any one of the big players from books and TV, but sometimes it’s a random person at an event that give game changing advice.

[00:55:17] The people who know you best give you the best advice.

[00:55:40] Patrick’s superpower is being an entrepreneur.

[00:56:20] As humans, we want to believe in silver bullets and secrets.

[00:55:49] The secret is that there are NO SECRETS to being an entrepreneur.

[00:57:17] Patrick felt that traveling influenced him as both a human being and entrepreneur.

[00:59:30] Patrick has a tattoo with a black sheep that says, “Crazy people change the world.”

[01:00:13] Traveling let’s you become a different person. No one knows you.

[01:01:00] Where Patrick lives on the internet.

[01:02:00] Come find The Creative Hustler on Facebook, and leave us reviews!

[01:02:30] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle





Aug 18, 2017

[Recap] Steven, Alan and Melissa recap Tuesday’s episode with Michael Gebben. Michael hit the reset button after building a wildly successful video company for 7 years. Today, his company Jumpstarters helps creative entrepreneurs get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with top creative hustlers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.


[00:28] What’s up #CreativeHustlers? Time for a recap!

[01:09] Michael Gebben is a volcano.

[01:26] We love energetic as fuck #CreativeHustlers.

[02:23] Michael & The Creative Hustler have a similar ideology.

[03:19] Michael got his start in a mortuary.

[03:45] The Creative Hustler Mortuary… coming soon.

[04:20] The odds of dying in a car crash are SO much more than in an airplane.

[04:57] Back to Gebbs, found a need for video in memorial services.

[05:19] Before his senior year in High School, Michael already had a side hustle.

[05:50] Melissa feels more alive than ever being married.

[06:07] Memorial service videos led to wedding videos.

[06:28] Gebbs have done videos for Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson.

[06:51] Gebbs provided “Same-Day Edits” for weddings.

[07:20] Michael created his own jail with too many same day edits.

[07:45] There’s a lot you can DO, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD be doing that.

[08:04] Michael’s fulfillment is all about connecting with people.

[08:30] Sometimes you need your ass kicked to find your way.

[09:02] Alan’s intense 4-day intense SEO course.

[09:40] Alan doesn’t get anything from online courses.

[10:30] The Creative Hustler is obsessed with Zoom! Check it out on our site!

[10:58] The online space is a Shitshow.

[11:40] Melissa’s sister gives her insight as a consumer.

[11:50] Digital overload: Too few options, or too many options.

[12:40] Gebbs’ Zone of Genius: aka, My Way

[13:00] Sometimes it takes a long time to find your Zone.

[13:25] Everyone is trying to discover their Zone of Genius.

[13:35] Even once you find it, you gotta exercise it.

[13:50] Are your core values matching your Day to Day?

[14:05] Michael & Steven dropped the mic at the same time.

[15:14] What was your “Holy Shit” moment?

[15:27] Melissa had her “Holy Shit” moment with her mind, body and soul person.

[16:24] If you’re going through hell, keep going.

[16:50] Someone connected to Melissa to tell her, keep fucking going.

[17:27] If someone doesn’t feel your pain, they won’t understand it.

[17:48] Empathy is always coming up.

[18:15] Gebbs is the ringleader of his community.

[18:32] stands for Massive Imperfect Action.

[19:08] It’s perfect that you’re imperfect.

[19:39] Everyday is a chance to be better.

[19:48] You don’t need to be a creative “all you can eat buffet” to be perfect.

[20:20] You can’t take on everything and do amazing at all of them.

[20:45] You need to take projects that align with YOU.

[21:20] Check out what Gebbs is offering on his site.

[21:50] Smile Challenge with Gebbs!

[22:48] #MIASmile

[23:10] Come visit us & leave a review!

[23:29] Join our Facebook Group!

[24:11] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



Free audiobook & personality analysis:


Aug 15, 2017

What’s Up Creative Hustlers! Steven & Melissa Here.

Today we’ll be talking with Michael Gebben who hit the reset button after building a wildly successful video company for 7 years. Today, his company Jumpstarters helps creative entrepreneurs get over the same hurdles that he was able to conquer, allowing him to work with top creative hustlers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.


[00:00] You NEED this branding secret!

[00:59] What’s Up Gebbs. Ready to get hustling?

[02:19] What makes Michael Gebben a #CreativeHustler.

[03:25] Michael decided to make movies for funeral homes, on top of the paper route.

[03:30] Gebbs Total Video came about by filming a wedding as a senior in high school.

[04:35] Michael asked his parents to give him 1 year to prove his business instead of going to college.

[04:50] 300 weddings, and introduced Same-Day Edits to his business early on.

[05:30] $8,000 for a wedding DVD?!?

[05:45] Same-Day Edits changed people’s perspective on their investment.

[06:09] By 2010, Michael was doing too much. Professionally booming, but personal life was a mess.

[06:48] That was the point that Michael decided 20% of his effort made him 80% of his income.

[07:30] Michael’s My Way Decision: Shoot, Edit, Speak, Dress with whatever lights me up.

[08:28] Michael wasn’t making the money to equal the time.

[09:28] Don’t care about getting the job, care about what lights you up.

[09:55] Michael has worked with Richard Branson, Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins because of his one decision.

[10:20] Now Michael gets $10,000 or more for a project.

[10:50] Everyone is at different levels, some people won’t talk to you unless your rates are higher.

[11:30] No one teaches you the mental process in high school and college.

[11:59] It’s the wizard, not the wand. Doesn’t matter the tech if you can’t use it.

[12:20] Often it isn’t about the work, but about where your mind is offline.

[12:50] Michael’s sweet spot is offline business, shared online, to create offline work.

[13:16] People need to find out what’s right for THEM!

[13:37] Sometimes people just put on a persona online.

[14:06] #CreativeHustler motto: Our are daily actions and core values in alignment?

[14:50] Your personal brand and your personality make up who you are.

[15:15] The Creative Hustler wants to connect with people on a personal level in all aspects.

[15:38] ALIGNMENT is the word of the month for Michael.

[16:05] 2010 was when Michael put his video into alignment.

[16:30] Michael learned to say NO! His advice and reasoning behind it: Learn to say No, and double your rates.

[17:50] See life through a different lens, and a different filter.

[18:29] Recognize that you need to take action, but also realize what works and what WORKS for YOU!

[18:50] Michael never thought he would be a public speaker and motivator now.

[19:15] You won’t know what you LIKE until you take the action.

[19:40] More about what Michael is currently doing with Jumpstarters after his entrepreneurial burnout.

[20:28] Michael was always thinking of passive revenue streams, but kept being distracted.

[20:38] How Tim Ferriss's 4 Hour Work Week fucked up Michael’s life.

[21:30] From 2012 to 2016, Michael let other people guide and influence him instead of doing it himself.

[22:08] Here’s where YOU are, and here’s where you SHOULD be, and the large gap that makes you buy into someone’s project.

[22:39] In 2010, Michael offered people to spend a day with him for $1000.

[23:10] Someone came to Michael and said, I want to get into video, and by the end of the day she was crying.

[23:50] Being shoved into a box by people SUCKS!

[24:10] Low self-worth and self-value will hinder your success.

[24:35] Michael isn’t being hired for video anymore, they are hiring him for his personality.

[25:05] When people interact with Michael, that’s what makes the difference from other video editors.

[25:30] In 2012, Michael got confidence as a videographer, but had to start over as a motivational speaker.

[26:07] Michael walks with his grandpa at the mall.

[26:24] Sometimes people need that KICK - that’s the Jumpstart.

[26:50] If it’s not non-stop balls to the wall, it doesn’t count as a hustle.

[27:10] Michael hosts workshops and private one-on-one days because those are more successful than a month of video calls.

[27:40] Michael’s words are SECOND to his energy, mood, and personality.

[28:20] Michael’s energy is completely natural.

[28:35] Steven’s 2nd agency was Constant Motion Creative Media, because the only constant in the universe is energy.

[28:55] Steven came from a Stand-Up Comedy background.

[29:05] We are all trying to be a one of a kind.

[29:44] Where does all of Michael’s energy come from?

[30:15] Michael is only completely energized when he is actively interested in the topic.

[30:55] Energy can be a blessing and a curse, but Michael looks on the blessings side.

[31:55] Sometimes TALKING doesn’t serve everyone.Sometimes you need to learn to LISTEN.

[33:04] Coaches need coaches. We can’t see in yourself what we see in others.

[33:29] The agencies most important client is the agency.

[33:55] Melissa had a 4th of July Hangover Breakdown (but not from drinking..)

[34:44] It is important to take inventory of yourself, and bring yourself back into alignment.

[35:20] It becomes REAL when you WRITE it down.

[35:45] Again we say, Your daily activities and core values HAVE TO align.

[36:15] The more open you are, the less weight you have on you. It can make a HUGE difference in your business and life.

[26:46] With the internet, people see others succeeding easily, they think their struggles are uncommon.

[37:35] Entrepreneurs tend to self-sabotage when their path becomes easy.

[38:12] Michael has been doing hardcore self analysis and personal development to succeed.

[38:55] What Michael does to get himself out of a FUNK!

[39:50] Things that irritate the SHIT out of you - REMOVE it from your life.

[40:15] Don’t let others have controlling influence on you.

[41:13] We have control over our MINDS and our actions and who we surround ourselves with.

[41:50] People get off on the martyr mindset.

[42:25] The balance between helping and being a know-it-all.

[42:38] You can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

[43:33] The biggest challenge for Michael’s #CreativeHustler lifestyle.

[44:25] So many people shut down their businesses, to work in their sweet spot in someone else’s business.

[45:30] Ask yourself: If you did not NEED money, what would you DO?

[46:15] Great story about finding your passion, and changing your mindset.

[47:45] Low Self-Worth can hinder your GROWTH.

[48:40] Michael is still following HIS WAY, and it has proven insanely successful. He highly recommends staying in your ZONE OF GENIUS. It’s effortless, easy, and fun. The “MY WAY” thing.

[49:35] If something goes wrong, it doesn’t mean that you should NEVER do it again.

[49:55] We sometimes see others the way we see ourselves.

[50:23] Don’t go down the Shiny Object rabbit hole.

[51:15] There will always be things that come up, but last year Michael thought that credit cards was the only way to live.

[52:20] Michael had over 100,000 in debt, and his two pieces of advice: Ignore them, or file bankruptcy.

[53:20] Michael has made the money he needed since age 19, but he had so many bills to pay which made life more expensive.

[54:20] You need to solve the problem first - but you need to get to the core before the surface.

[55:35] The issue is always: Where the hell does our MONEY go?

[56:05] Michael’s choice for #CreativeHustler coffee meet-up: Clint Eastwood.

[57:02] Even the celebrities are just human, and have the same struggles but hide it much better.

[57:40] You can fail at what you DON’T want to do, so you should give what you WANT a try.

[58:35] Find the people who can help you find your SWEET SPOT.

[59:05] all these experiences will help you be successful in the future

[59:30] Where to find Michael on the internet.

[01:02:02] Melissa’s Moment of Hustle



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